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Pro Tools features

Soundbase improvements

- large waveform preview
- import selection
- (option to) Show metadata description instead of file name if file has metadata description
- Close with the same shortcut instead of opening a second Soundbase window.
- keyboard focus (a/z icon) to enable better keyboard based workflow (dismissed when closing window)
- etc...

As a sound editor Soundbase is of no use for me (also no useful 'tags' are made).
But I appreciate... more »

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Pro Tools features

Soundbase: preview samples in session key

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A user sets the key of a session to c# minor

A user tags a sample in soundbase as c minor

A user clicks the soundbase "preview in key" button

A user clicks preview on the c minor sample and hears it playback transposed to the key of the session c# minor

This would be a game-changer for sample based artists using pro tools. One could quickly try out samples from any key.

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.11

Pro Tools features

Retrieve tags from CAF Audio Loops files

With the introduction of SoundBase with ProTools 12.7, I've noticed that if you don't like to download the provided free soundbank and want to use existing Apple Loops library installed with Logic, it doesn't retrieve the tags from those CAF files, but it can play them without problems.


I think it would be very very productiive having this feature!

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.11