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Pro Tools features

NEW-TRACKS WINDOW: when adding new row -> preselect last used trackpreset-folder/preset. NEXT STEP: Add batch options.

PROBLEM: currently uncomfortable navigation per item is needed in order to add more rows with similar track presets in pt-2018.3-4

Q U I C K S O L U T I O N:

PRESSING "+" on TrackPreset-menu should bring up a new row with the same TrackPreset-type preselected - just as in the row above. In other words: Just copy the great behavior of adding a classic track: Another (same) track type appears below.

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Pro Tools features

Import From Session and Save Presets without automation

Currently it is not possible to import an instrument or retrieve a preset for a track without also importing its automation from the previous session. So every time you use any of the two features, you have to proceed to erase that automation after, track by track.

I think that this behavior is not the correct way it should work, and it should be adjusted by default to NOT importing / saving the automation, but the plugings,... more »