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Pro Tools features

Template Management

It would be great to be able to delete or rename and manage templates from inside of ProTools. Studios that have many users can get overloaded with templates from different people and projects. Managing these from within ProTools just seems to make sense, we shouldn't need to leave the environment to do this type of management .

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Mbox 3 Flashing light sequence.

I have been using my OS X Yosemite and Mbox3 together perfectly for the past 4 months, however my Mbox3 is now randomly flashing lights(Like it does when it boots) and my iMac says "Hardware not connected". I have updated all Drivers, checked the power source, changed the USB cable, and tried the Mbox on my other Mac that I have used it with before. Nothing I have tried has worked. Has anyone else had this problem/have... more »
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Pro Tools features

Mute/solo channels within clips/regions.

Just wondered if anyone might find it useful to modify the mute region command to include a variation. Holding "command+m" and clicking on a channel/waveform within a multichannel clip on the timeline would mute the clicked channel. Clicking again would un-mute. You could perhaps also do the something similar with the solo shortcut.

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Artist Series features

Artist MC Touchscreen buttons follow banking when beyond 32

Please add your vote.
The 32 tracks touch buttons (squares) in the MC control screen in “TRACKS” tab does not follow banking when you exceed 32 tracks. So all the faders bank to the new tier (I.E. Tracks 33 to 40, while the touchscreen buttons still remain on the previous Track 1-32. That seems odd, based on how all other things follow banking selection. Should the touch screen tracks not follow banking?
The MC touch... more »
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Pro Tools features

iPad Video Satellite App

I'd love to see an iPad/iPhone video satellite app for accurate video playback synced to Pro Tools. It would be great to have a variety of connection options (USB cable, Blue Tooth, WiFi)


This would be particularly helpful for mobile users, freeing up valuable laptop screen real estate and system resources. Speaking for myself, I'd be happy to pay for an app with this functionality.

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Pro Tools features

Movable Scribble Strip in all mix views

Whenever you're scrolled up to instruments or inserts in the mix window, in most cases, you can no longer see what track you're on since it is beyond the display view at the bottom. Scribble strips on an actual console is always at the armrest. That is not what happens on a computer screen.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could un-dock and drag the scribble strip up to above the pan pots for instance or otherwise is always... more »