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Pro Tools features

Option to leave Workspace content alone when changing Window Configurations

Changing Window Configurations is a big part of my everyday workflow, as I do a lot of AudioSuite processing. Another big part of my workflow involves searches using the Workspace. Unfortunately, any time a "window layout" type Window Configuration is recalled, the search results in the Workspace are cleared. I can find no way to get around this.

I find this very frustrating because I change Window Configurations... more »
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Artist Series features

EuCon Settings interaction with Artist MC touch screen

In the EuCon Settings Softkeys tab: It would be great if that screen could be made active in functionality via a check box whereas selecting a button there was the same as selecting it on the Softkeys. You could leave the desired button pages open like a palette and click on it as you would the Artist touch screen to relegate a command. I.E., the surface keys could be showing a whole screen of commands, not just the 12... more »
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Pro Tools features

Mix nomenclature View inconsistency

The Track Label (aka - scrbble strip) is below the faders but the Aux Sends name labels are above their faders. I seem to inadvertently grab the wrong aux channel fader. If your display is at eye level, you would have to look above center in order to see the aux fader before you would see its label. So you have to look past theaux fader to determine which send fader you are looking at. Although the opposite is true when... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Mbox3 No Activity on Signal Meter

Hey Guys!!!

I recently sent my Mbox3 for repairs due to hardware failure. after waiting a month I got it back it worked for one day....Now whenever I arm an audio track for a Mic or Instrument it produces no activity signal on the meter and only picks up vibrations if you tap the mic, and even that sounds distant and distorted. If I import an audio track into protools12 it does generate a signal on the meter, and the... more »
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Pro Tools features

Midi real time controls behave like Logoc Pro X

Please have the midi real time controls behave like Logic Pro X so while you are playing a midi clip you can fine tune and adjust midi data (quantize, velocity, etc) with sliders. This would eliminate hitting "Apply". Truly in realtime and accessible in the midi window like Logic Pro X's midi editor window on the left. Logic has collapse mode which gives focus to only the data recorded and not the whole piano roll. Very... more »
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Pro Tools features

New display counter

I would like to see a new display counter called metronome. This would be similar to the Bars|Beats counter, but would display the subdivision of the beat instead of the tree numbers that come after the beat, based on the grid value . Say there is a kick drum wave form on the and of bar 2 beat 3:
Standard Bars|Beats- 2|3|720
My idea (metronome)- 2/3/and

My reason for this change would be to make it easier for musicians... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

PTSW: 195808

It's been 1 year since this bug was tagged MAJOR PRIORITY and nothing's yet happened. What is going on AVID? If this bug was logged as a major priority and nothing happens in 1 year you have some major communication problems taking care of.

"Entered By : XXX
Entered on : 18/08/2014 16:57

The reference number is PTSW: 195808
Summary: Vari-Fi: Speed-Up is broken, Slow Down is OK
This is currently unresolved but logged... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Changing Buffer Size in on Windows 7 64bit with ProFire 610 CRASHES Pro Tools

If I open a previous project or create a new project. And start mixing. If I decide to stop play and increase or decrease my buffer. Pro Tools ( will crash.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (FRESH INSTALL)
CPU: FX-6100
INTERFACE: M-Audio ProFire 610
HARD DRIVES: 2x SandDisk SSD Model: SDSSDP-256G-G25

Troubleshooting I have tried:
I have done all Pro Tools suggested optimizations.... more »
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Pro Tools features

make change to the choice of track color when you go through View -> mix window Views

Right now the edit window has the option of showing colors for the channel strip, but when you go into view -> edit mix window view -> track color and unselect it you see uniform channel strips without borders on top and bottom, but you lose the colors that the channel strip was given by type. Instead it would be an improvement if when you unselect track color that only the border disappear and you keep the channel strip... more »
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Pro Tools features

Instrument name truncation prioritizes node count

Weird heading, I know.
When you have multiple instrument tracks with the same instrument plug-in type, I.E., four Xpand!2 instances, they become titled as (Midi node#xxx):
Expand!2 1-2,
Expand!2 1-2,
Expand!2 1-3,
Expand!2 1-4, etc.
The insert will truncate the name to fit in the insert name field to Expand!2 but it is not clear which is assigned to that channel as it does not read it out.
Instead, something more... more »