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Pro Tools features

Select Clips by Color

Select Clips by Color will really help to extent your workflow.

- When recording dialogue/Foley/Soundscapes and selecting the best takes.

- Preparing ADR & Foley tracks

- Export different stems all over your session.

- And way more options


And to finish this idea, Make the colors available for Apple Script or Something else programmable.


Thanks AVID!

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Pro Tools features

When Clip Groups are Created, color or shade differently

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When you hit command + opt + G and group a series of clips, it's currently to hard to distinguish that group short of the tiny little text at the top left, that many of us with high res monitors can barely see.

I propose that when you group clips, that group is either colored differently or at the very least has a slightly different (darker or lighter shade) than the rest of the clips on that track.

Example of use in... more »

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Pro Tools features

Sort selected tracks by track color

This command would effectively sort selected tracks by their track color. The order of those colors could either be user defined or follow the rows on the color pallette. I think it would be useful feature for initial session organisation. Currently when I import audio for a song, I color the kick, snare, hi hat, ride all one color but they are usually spread out vertically across all the tracks in a session in the order... more »

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Pro Tools features

Allow Color Choice for tracks in MIDI Editor

Presently, notes in the MIDI Editor are assigned by Pro Tools. This is inefficient and difficult to follow (if for instance you're doing a big orchestral session with a lot of different parts that you want to view/edit simultaneously). A better solution would be allow the choice of setting colors for the notes/tracks in the MIDI Editor to either be user-selected from a palette, or to follow the main Track Color.... more »

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Pro Tools features

Extra (and bigger than normal memory locations) ruler for songstructure

I really like the look and size of the Logic markers or marker ruler (faster and better to see). I would love to have a ruler just for Songstructure with no effect on the standard markers. custom size, custom colors and the ability to "jump" to those markers.

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Pro Tools features

Apply track color on audio import, based on user definablekey words

This could be a check box part of the import audio dialogue and would effectively search for, user definable, key words for each audio file imported and apply a track color based on those key words.

For example I could apply the key words: “kick”, “kik”, “snare”, “snare top”, “snare bottom”, “snr”, “snares”, “rim”, “stick”
To the color red. Meaning that any audio file containing those words would be imported and it’s... more »

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Pro Tools features

Change the Color of Break Points in the Meters

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You can adjust the color break point of your meters, but you can't adjust the colors themselves. It's forced by default as:


Dark Green

Light Green


(Red for Clip)


I would like to set the color theme of the signal in the meter so it matches my Mixing Desk to:


Dark Green

Dark Yellow

Dark Red

(Bright Red for Clip)


Allow the user to set their own colors for meters please.

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