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Pro Tools features

link edit/mix groups suspend anomaly

1. In Mixing preferences, when Link MIX/EDIT Group Enables are unchecked, the Suspend ALL Groups command "CTL+SHIFT+G" no longer affects the EDIT GROUP enable. In that mode, only MIX groups are suspend by CTL+SHIFT+G. There is no longer a keyboard shortcut to suspend EDIT groups. It would be helpful to the workflow if there was a shortcut command when it is in this option mode.

2. Also, what is going on when you click... more »

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S3 features

Eucon preference to display MIX only or EDIT only groups in Channel View spill.

it would be helpful to have a eucon preference to display mix only or edit only for group assign.

There is currently no way in PT to change group ID letters and the S3 lays out the groups alphabetically, by group ID. Unless you are extremely organized and diligent with your group management, you end up with a fairly unorganized looking group list when you spill them out on the OLEDs. In PT, I manage my groups by keeping... more »

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