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Pro Tools bugs

Make faulty plugin RED after CPU error!

We've all been there...
A CPU error stops playback and then the CPU meter is peaking, rendering the session unusable until we find the problem plugin(s).
Usually it's ONE plugin that is malfunctioning.
BUT, to find that plugin can take dozens of minutes!

Is it possible to automatically colour the likely culprit(s) RED after a CPU error?

This would be such a time saver for so, so many of us.
Of course, we'd prefer no... more »
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Pro Tools features

Variable Playback Speeds

A feature I'd love to have in tools is continuous playback at higher speeds. When I'm editing a podcast I want to play it back at double speed, so I can easily check for ums and aahs etc and edit on the fly and make the process quicker than real time listening. In fact, I could playback double speed and add a pitch shift plug to make the voice normal pitch, but my workflow would be significantly faster.

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Pro Tools features

Play from mouse cursor position shortcut

I would like to quickly position the mouse cursor and playback the session from wherever I am pointing. I believe this is a extremely quick and easy way to be able to play from wherever I like. Reaper (play from mouse cursor position) and Studio One (locate mouse cursor) have this function and I use it all the time.