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Pro Tools features

Make "Convert Volume Automation To Clip Gain" available in PT Standard

"Convert/Coalesce Volume Automation To Clip Gain" & "Convert/Coalesce Clip Gain To Volume Automation" are currently only available in the HD version of Pro Tools. As it is not a feature that requires special processing power or an expansion of I/O possibilities it should be made available to all Pro Tools users.

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Pro Tools features

New Waveform Editing Workflow

We should look into upgrading the way in which we currently can edit a file by drawing in a waveform, ny ideas are:

-When Zooming in to waveform level, have a vertical scale in dB at least to see when it clipped, or how far are we from clipping
-Have an option to zoom and switch to pencil tool automatically
-Also removing certain things from a sound can be super hard when you can't actually see whats going on on the... more »
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Pro Tools features

Cloud Collaboration For Post-Production


I started working on a feature film recently, with the group of people. We decided to use Avid Cloud Collaboration as the deadlines are tight as always. But unfortunately we ran into problems right away, specifically we cannot work on the same channel simultaneously. Sharing edits or even markers deletes other people's work on the same channel or marker field. We found a workaround, but this doubled the session... more »
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Pro Tools features

Add Avid MC support to Cloud Collaboration.

AAF and OMF are dead. Black Magic's purchase and integration of Fairlight into DaVinci Resolve is amazing. However you'll have to pry Pro Tools HD from my cold dead hands. Before I get that old (or dead) please consider this feature request. .. .

*Add Avid MC support to Cloud Collaboration.*

The goal would be for Avid MC and PT users to experience the same functionality that currently exist in Cloud Collaboration (for... more »
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Pro Tools features


There are few things that I want to group as much as a pan - having groups panned by the VCA would be awesome!! Before anyone suggests otherwise, I know what a traditional VCA is... and in addition to this, I want to pan before I reach an aux/bus - for instance if you want to creat an object with panning information in it that you then rotate / pan.

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Pro Tools bugs

Import session data brings in tracks with either no clips at all or with different timecode from parent session.

Upon import into a new session, often the track will have no clips whatsoever on it (though the audio files are pulled into the new session). This used to happen only when the sessions had different timecode start times (which is itself an unforgivable bug, but w/e, you have a monopoly.), but recently it is happening even when all settings on both sessions are identical.

In addition, sometimes the clips WILL appear,... more »