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Pro Tools features

Custom Organize plugins menu into folders & sub-folders

Let people organise the their plugins menu into folders & sub-folders the way they want.

The plugin layout would be done with an Avid Standalone Application on the desktop (before loading Pro Tools) where the user can setup folders, sub-folders and place all the plugins into the desired place. It would also be possible to rename plugins to what the user wants them to be called. The setup would be saved as "User" or "Custom".... more »
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Pro Tools features

Link Mix/Edit Group Enables preference

I was just informed that in Pro Tools 12.8.2, going forward, AVID programmers have abandoned the link feature altogether in preferences because they can't figure out how to fix it.. This means now you have to continuously enable groups every time you want to edit grouped tracks and then disable to avoid mixing grouped faders unwantingly. Please vote to make them figure out how to fix it. What's next?

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Pro Tools features

Automation ADC

Some of my mix sessions have A LOT of system delay on them.

What about offering a preference to 'push' automation back after a pass (similar to the 'thinning' option) by the system delay amount?

Some of my sessions have upward of 15,000 samples system delay and I have to manually nudge after every pass...

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Pro Tools features

Add an "Automatically Copy Video Files on Import Preference"

I want to be able to drag and drop a video and have it copied to the session videos directory.

Better yet, there should just be one catch-all preference that allows you the option to copy all file types (audio, video, etc) on import. Pro Tools makes it incredibly difficult to make sure you've copied all files to your session.

It should be MUCH easier to avoid missing files in Pro Tools sessions. Especially hard drives... more »