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Some of the most popular feature requests on here were originally posted in 2009. Things like track folders, which are available in virtually every other DAW, but even more needed in Pro Tools, where film mixers have several hundred tracks to grapple with. That's a lot of scrolling.

Instead of focusing on things like Atmos integration, which affects a tiny fraction of your users, please implement the features your larger... more »

Opertaing System(s) macOS 10.12

Pro Tools features

Easier moving plug-ins between tracks of different channel depth

Improve easy-of-use when moving or copying a plug-in from a track to another with a different number of channels:

- if the destination track have fewer channels, automatically convert the plug-in format, for example:
- when moving from a stereo to a mono track, convert "multichannel" to "mono" or "multi-mono" to "mono" (in this case keep Left settings, drop right settings -- or even ask which channel settings to keep)... more »

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Pro Tools features

Improved user interface windows

In windows 10 (and earlier) and Pro Tools 12 (and earlier), windows appear with large borders around and some even with the windows 7 look for some reason.


It looks clumsy and also wastes space.


It is time that Pro Tools fixes this, probably by making custom designed window borders.

Attached is a draft of what it could look like.

Opertaing System(s) Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Pro Tools features

Add Pitch Shift to Clip-Based Effects

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As a sound designer and editor clip-based EQ has gotten so much use from me. Please add a basic pitch shift functions to the clip-based interface, it would save so much time for sound design.

I know elastic properties can do something similar, but that requires having elastic audio enabled on the track and I'd prefer to see the pitch shift in semi-tones. You could just use Pitch II and have a single slider in the... more »

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