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Pro Tools features

Edit Window Split View

Similar to freezing rows or columns in a spreadsheet program, I've often thought it would be great to be able to lock specific tracks at the top of your edit window so that they were constantly visible while being able to vertically scroll through the rest of your session. For example, keeping picture editorial guide tracks locked at the top of your edit window so they would be constantly visible / available for reference.... more »
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Pro Tools | Control features

Edit and mix window showing synchronous track view when toggling

Example: Big session holding many tracks.

Working in the edit window let me say on track number 48 (numbers only to show how many tracks instead of saying Git1, Piano2 etc). The track shown at the top of the edit window is for example number 46.

Now when switching to the mix window, it would be a fantastic feature having track number 46 (always the track at the top of the edit window) automatically on the far left... more »
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Pro Tools features

Workspace in a separate window

Having an option to allow the workspace window to exist outside the Pro Tools main window.
The Workspace windows is quite powerful but it would be great to be able to have the Workspace on a separate monitor so it can be maximised and files then can be dragged into the edit window without having to constantly move the workspace window out of the way to see where I want to drag the file to. The same way the Disk Usage... more »
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Pro Tools features

Current-Take-Number-Display-Window while (Quickpunch) recording

Instead of forcing me to scroll back to the last Take (while recording), adding +1 and telling my producer every new take number - i would like to have a optional "big take number window" which enables producers (one desk behind me as engineer) to read and notate the current take number in their script - without disturbing us each other per take. Seen in Sequoia, simple and useful.

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Pro Tools features

MIDI Editor Window Configuration upgrade

Allow Window Configurations of the MIDI Editor window to save current MIDI controller lane views. Currently they save window layout, but not specific controller lane views.


For example, save one MIDI Editor Window Config that is just Mod Wheel, one that's velocity + volume + expression, one that's just pitch bend, etc.

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Pro Tools features

Scrollwheel for Vol Automation, allow Preference for Increment per Detent

For volume automation, the scrollwheel of the mouse can be used to write/change the value, if the output window of a track is opened and the volume value is highlighted.
Right now, the increments are very small, like 0.1 dB per detent.
There could be a preference of how many dB one detent of the scrollwheel changes (like 0.1 or 0.5 or 1.0 or 2.0 or ...).
Like with nudging clip gain.
Changing the vol automation value with... more »
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Pro Tools features

MIDI Editor Window track record enable button

In the MIDI editor, you can solo and mute the track you're working on, but you can't record-enable it. You also can't tell if it may already be record-enabled. It would really help my workflow to be able to quickly pop into record without flipping back to either the mix or edit windows to know what track(s) are currently record enabled and be able to modify that from here.



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Pro Tools features

Play from Left Edit Window Edge Command

I would love to have a key command to start playback from the left window edge in the Edit Window. It's a feature found on Logic, and I remember having used it extensively back in my Logic days...

It is just so convenient, because I find myself often working on a specific section, zoomed in in the Edit Window. I know there's commands to play form the cursor, or Pre-Roll or to the edit cursor etc. but it would be great... more »
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Pro Tools features

More/Several Mixing Windows for Master or Headphones section

Add the possibility to open 2 or 3 mix windows, in order to simplify visualisation for multiple screen users.

for example you can open a mixing window on a specific screen just for headphones and/or master section, and keep tracks only on your main screen(s).