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humanize MIDI

I'd like a MIDI "humanize" function that would make random adjustments to velocity, starts and durations of selected MIDI notes. A simple dialog where the user would check or uncheck what he wants randomized (velocity, start times and durations) and how much randomization for each in ticks. The last setting entered is remembered.

This is not a new concept or idea. All other DAWs have this. Many have had it for over... more »

Pro Tools features

Export MIDI Regions as Files

Pro Tools has a function to Export Audio Regions as Files, but there is no MIDI equivalent. The workaround is very time consuming.


Please add "Export MIDI Regions as Files"


EDIT: I'm aware that you can Export the track as one MIDI file -- Export Audio Regions as Files lets you export all separated regions on a track or in the Region List as separate Audio files. There is no MIDI equivalent.

Pro Tools features

Keyboard As MIDI Controller

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This is a MUST now that Pro Tools is more mobile. Ableton has it and Logic both have it.

It is a necessity for easily auditioning Software Instruments or even laying down ideas on the go - ie on a laptop. Why this hasn't been implemented into Pro Tools yet is absolutely mind blowing.

Solution: It is very simple. Just like there is a keyboard focus button which activates all the shortcuts there could be a "Midi Keyboard"... more »

Pro Tools features

MIDI note names in MIDI Editor

Take a page from Cubase's book and have an option (or default) where each note in the piano roll of the MIDI Editor also displays it's note name.


In dense parts or score, being able to quickly read where a "bad" note is or how the part is laid out in Piano Roll mode would make life SOOOOOOO much better for those of us writing music daily.


Attached picture is low-res, but you get the idea.

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Pro Tools features

MIDI Editor Overhaul

In my opinion, Pro Tools 12 is the most powerful DAW out there for every application bar MIDI, where it is seriously lacking compared to other popular/major brands.
I think a MIDI Editor overhaul would be very well received by both current and potential Pro Tools users, and would complete such an otherwise well-executed DAW.

Here are a few of my ideas:

Shortcut Key Commands
Octave Up/Down (same command for individual... more »

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Pro Tools features

Prevent Pro Tools from pausing/skipping.

Every time when I play my Pro Tools project and while playing I try to add an instrument track, or an audio track, or an effect, or a send or change the cycle Pro Tools will pause for a moment.

When you are producing a track that is so annoying and it takes you out of your creative flow.
I know no other sequencer on the market that has this issue. And this can't be a CPU or a Ram issue because the competition clearly... more »

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Pro Tools features

MPE support (seaboard, linnstrument etc)

Now that alternative midi controllers are coming of age, it would be great to see support for MPE (multidimensional polyphonic expression). Bitwig's implementation is pretty good, AVID could more or less do the same, and maybe add some sort of snap/quantize to note editing.

I know that currently PT12 has stability issues with VI's, and these issues need to be a priority. But I think the community at large should not... more »

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Pro Tools features

General Midi Editing update

It would be amazing to see some helpful composer tools added to Protools.. Much like Cubase.. Expression mapping would be great. Also Parabolic Midi curves rather than having to do it with a straight line etc.. Also - Some view options to see only tracks with regions on them i a selected area. I am sure there are plenty more. Just look at cubase and copy them.. That would be awesome :)

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Pro Tools features

Allow Midi Omni as Midi Output (MPE Roli Linnstrument Compatibility)

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Currently, you can only select an individual channel when choosing a midi output on a midi track. Other DAW software I've used also allows the selection of Midi Onmi to a midi output. What this means is that any midi channel can be transmitted to a midi device or virtual instrument on a single track.

The reason I am suggesting this feature is primarily to allow much easier integration with new multi-channel (MPE) midi... more »

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Pro Tools features

Drums mode for MIDI editor

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I would love to have an option to switch MIDI editor to DRUM EDIT MODE where there would be diamond or triangle markers for note start without showing its length. Would be also nice to have a possibility to switch from classic piano roll to MIDI note number mode, to set names for notes, load and save note names to file and display custom layers (e.g. show only named notes or show notes defined by user).

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