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Pro Tools features

Keyboard As MIDI Controller

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This is a MUST now that Pro Tools is more mobile. Ableton has it and Logic both have it.

It is a necessity for easily auditioning Software Instruments or even laying down ideas on the go - ie on a laptop. Why this hasn't been implemented into Pro Tools yet is absolutely mind blowing.

Solution: It is very simple. Just like there is a keyboard focus button which activates all the shortcuts there could be a "Midi Keyboard"... more »

Pro Tools features

Simple MIDI protocol for controlling external devices

Controlling external devices is not a easy thing in Pro Tools. Of course, there are some protocols supported like MTC, MMC, Pre (more or less...) but every controller protocol is kind of closed one, not usable for everyone, Of course, I can understand that due to marketing purposes Avid does not want to share these with everyone, but it can be done without such sacrifice:-)
Just imagine how all those smart devices for... more »

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