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Pro Tools features

Enable Typing-In of Automation and Other Values

With automation spots, faders, etc. it'd be great to see an option where I can right-click and select 'Type in Value...' to get a pop-up or something like that. This could probably be used in a number of places throughout the app without really requiring the basic GUI to become more cluttered.

Sliders & dials are great, sure, but sometimes it can be tough to get exactly the desired value, even when pressing Cmd.

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Pro Tools features

Pro Tools Pan Presets

I'm finding it'd be helpful to have pan presets available, as I keep needing to apply similar surround panning to certain clips, but the current workflow is somewhat time-consuming with needing to hunt down other clips, copy panning, and paste to selection.


I've attached a mock-up image, because it is a beautiful idea that deserves immediate implementation, please, and thank you.

Opertaing System(s) macOS 10.12