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Pro Tools features

Duplicate origional clip to playlist when processing from Audiosuite

During a sound effects editing session where a lot of Audiosuite processing is used it would be useful if Pro Tools would automatically save a copy of the pre-processed clip to a playlist. I usually duplicate this down myself so if I come back to the clip and I no longer like the fx precessing then I have the original below in the playlist ready to retrieve. If I've used multiple processes it would be handy to have an... more »
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Pro Tools features

"Plugin Missing - Search Plug-ins (Unused) Folder ?"

Pretty Simple - If you open a session that is missing a plugin, one of the options (besides visit Avid Marketplace) should be to search in the "Plug-Ins (Unused)" Folder.

The reason is that now Plug-in devs are issuing upgrades with new unique names, rather than just updating the version. For instance, I have Clariphonic DSP, and Clariphonic DSP Mark II (newer version) in my Plugin folder. I will probably never... more »
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Pro Tools features

Plug-in exchange feature

If a session is opened with a Pro Tools 12 system on which plug-ins aren't available that are used in that session, PT provides the option to buy and download those missing plug-ins from the Avid store.

But some plug-ins are already on the system, but in a new version. They only need to be exchanged within the session. This shouldn't be a manual task.

For example: If a session containing the VSonics VMeters plug-in... more »