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Pro Tools features

Audio Wild Record / Audio Clip Selection "Clip Source Window"

The Ability to record in the "Clip Source Window" a wild mono or stereo track, where the clip ends up in the Clip menu or a specified folder i.e Wild VO Records, saves a lot of time and maintains a clean timeline, rather than having to navigate through unneeded extra

tracks and clips on the timeline which is very time consuming. please see attachment.

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Pro Tools features

Select Clips by Color

Select Clips by Color will really help to extent your workflow.

- When recording dialogue/Foley/Soundscapes and selecting the best takes.

- Preparing ADR & Foley tracks

- Export different stems all over your session.

- And way more options


And to finish this idea, Make the colors available for Apple Script or Something else programmable.


Thanks AVID!

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Pro Tools features

Batch Recording Queue

Not sure if this is possible, but when recording/printing mixes to new track, I would love the ability to select multiple in and out points throughout the timeline to create a "Recording Queue." I think this could be particularly valuable in post production workflows, where multiple versions of a mix may be created within one session.

Example workflow: you're mixing a :30 broadcast promo, and there are 6 versions—all... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10

Pro Tools features

Meta tag field when naming tracks

I often do several songs in one session. Especially bands that come in to do 5 or 6 songs in one tracking session. So there's KICK, SNARE, HAT, BASS etc. So I will, at the start of a take of each new song, create a marker with the song title, I.E. JohnnyBGoode. I enter the name in the marker field, select Ctrl A for ALL to highlight all the text, CTRL C to copy the selected text, hit the numeric pad "enter" to create... more »

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Pro Tools features

MIDI Editor Window track record enable button

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In the MIDI editor, you can solo and mute the track you're working on, but you can't record-enable it. You also can't tell if it may already be record-enabled. It would really help my workflow to be able to quickly pop into record without flipping back to either the mix or edit windows to know what track(s) are currently record enabled and be able to modify that from here.



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Pro Tools features

Disable fader/lock fader at unity for record enabled tracks

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The feature to lock the fader position or disable fader at all.

for example usefull:

- If you monitor through recording Stem-Tracks

- have post fader Auxes

- or have post fader Metering

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Pro Tools features

on/off option to permanently erase a recording after doing undo

Doing undo after recording deletes the file permanently once another process is made. I would very much like an option where the file doesn't get deleted. Having an on/off switch on the delete feature of undo.

It would be safer for unwanted press of "z"

It would let the user choose if they want the number increment of the recordings to take the deleted takes into account or not.

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.10

Pro Tools features

"Pre-Tape" Plugin Inserts

A plugin insert section on an audio track that commits any processing while recording.

Currently, the only way to commit processing while tracking in protools in to have the audio come in on an auxiliary track, apply eq, compression, etc, and then bus it to an audio track to be recorded. This takes up space in the box and is a hassle that can sometimes cause confusion in the middle of a hectic recording session.

This... more »

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Pro Tools features

Looping Record to automatic playlist

You're recording guitars by yourself.. you know it's going to take you a few goes. So with this feature you can set up a looping section (with enough time for fiddling/tuning/whatever) and once the allotted loop has recorded through. it starts again so you get another shot. and automatically playlists the previous record.

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