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Pro Tools features

Color coded bus selectors

Is there a reason the buss assignment buttons in the mixer are not able to be color coded? Seems like that;'s more helpful than anything color-wise. I admit that when creating anew track I often forget to put it in the mix buss and it's left out of the mixdown. Seeing a green buss on all stereo mixdown channels and red busses on drum sub buss, etc.

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Pro Tools features

Allow Color Choice for tracks in MIDI Editor

Presently, notes in the MIDI Editor are assigned by Pro Tools. This is inefficient and difficult to follow (if for instance you're doing a big orchestral session with a lot of different parts that you want to view/edit simultaneously). A better solution would be allow the choice of setting colors for the notes/tracks in the MIDI Editor to either be user-selected from a palette, or to follow the main Track Color.... more »