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Pro Tools features

improved crossfading

I hate when I'm using the smart tool to create a crossfade and I get the "bounds" error message. It would be cool if when you clicked on the regions to start your crossfade pro tools would draw little dotted lines to show how far each region extended under the other. This would eliminate a lot of guessing. Also, a preference option could be available that when selected, only allows you to extend the crossfade out to... more »
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Pro Tools features

Fade Window should have optional timecode resolution (locked to session TC format), rather than just milliseconds

Love the updated Fade Window in Pro Tools 12. My only issue is I work in various timecode frame rates so trying to cut sound effects in millisecond resolution isn't convenient. How many milliseconds in duration is a frame at 29.97, 23.976 or 25 frames?

I'd love the option to have this window lock itself to the session timecode resolution and allow quick and easy quarter frame, half frame, 1 frame and multiple frame input... more »
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Pro Tools features

Remember last fade setting (equal power / gain)

To change the default fade type you have to go into the preferences.

It would be more logical to automatically change the default fade when double clicking the fade to change it.

(Or add extra button next to " OK" : "Make default" )


When doing dialog I use the equal power fades.

When doing sound effects I use equal gain fades.

So that's why ;)

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Pro Tools features

Clip gain access after fade

The clip gain icon is missing when fading up an audio clip. I wish to keep the clip gain icon for faster gain adjustment, especially during a long fade. I have to delete the fade to adjust the clip gain or switch to clip gain automation.


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