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Pro Tools features

Bus Soloing Feature

We could use the ability to solo a bus instead of having to select all the individual tracks in order to hear the mix.

As you can see in the image below, in order to hear all the tracks routed to "Break Mix" I have to solo each one. It's not so bad when there are 2 tracks but with big sessions this gets complicated. As you can see in that image there are two blank spots next to "Mute" and "Solo." These could be use... more »
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Pro Tools features

Solo track by selecting

While the feature to select solo, mute or record on any specific track can be activated by holding shift and "S, M and R" - it would be great to be able to activate solo simply by placing ones cursor on any particular track and play or scrub audio. This would be particularly helpful when jumping around as one edits different material on different tracks. Also for auditioning for a director or producer. Particularly useful... more »
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Pro Tools features

Clear solo shortcut

Would love the ability to have a "clear solo" hot-key. I know that you can map this to a, for example, EUcon, but it would be great if it also had an easy access keyboard shortcut.


Edit: I should clarify. I am aware of alt + clicking the solo-button on a track, but I am talking about a keyboard only shortcut.

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Pro Tools features

Show which tracks are MUTED (and possibly SOLOED) in the Track List

One nifty little feature I would like Pro Tools to implement would be to see which tracks are muted (and soloed) in the track list. In big sessions with a lot of tracks, it happens to lose sight of such tracks. I think it would be faster to scroll the track list and instantly find the muted track, and then being able to reach them faster.

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Pro Tools features

Solo Indication of main Playlist in different Color when another Playlist is solo

With the track view set to playlists : when the main playlist is soloed (hear the main playlist) and then another playlist of this track is soloed (hear that playlist, not the main playlist), the color of the main playlist solo should be different to indicate, that one does not hear it, but a playlist further down.
Could help if the soloed playlist is scrolled out of the edit window view. One could believe to listen to... more »
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Pro Tools features

Solo/Mute Shortcuts despite Solo Linking in Group

I normally solo tracks with the shortcut Shift+S.
When an Mix/Edit Group as specified in the Group Globals is set to Solo and Mute, all Tracks of the group follow the solo shortcut.
In most cases this is desired, but often I want to solo just one track without suspending the groups.

I know there is a modifier Ctrl (Mac) with which I could click the solo button to achieve this, But unfortunately not as a shortcut.

Shorcuts... more »