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Pro Tools features

allow trim automation for ANY (plugin) parameter

Right now trim automation is only possible for volume automation. It would be great to have trim automation for any parameter, including panning and plug-in parameters. There's absolutely no reason why this wouldn't be possible. Right now it's totaly ridiculous that you have to grab that mouse to fine tune any non-volume automation parameter even if you're sitting behind a quadrillion dollar Avid console. This is an absolute... more »
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Pro Tools features

Link Tools Between Edit Window and MIDI Window

I'm constantly moving back and forth between the edit window and the MIDI edit window. I'm constantly changing tools (draw, trim, etc.) but when I switch between windows, it remembers the last tool I was using for that window not necessarily the last tool I selected. I think I'm using one tool, but I'm actually using another. Very frustrating. If I change a tool, please make it a global change.