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Pro Tools bugs

Pro Tools 12.2 Plugins Ignore the High DPI scaling in Windows 10

Am I the only person who is having this issue? I'm using a Samsung 28" 4K monitor and whenever i use any of the Avid plugins in Pro Tools (Specifically and of the AIR products and Xpand 2) my whole DAW window shrinks in size and is unreadable.

Before image:

After Image

It's like as if the plugins overwrite the High DPI scaling done by Windows 10.

IS there... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Sample Accurate plugin automatin

I wish ProTools had sample accurate plugin automation. Plugin automation seems to be only frame accurate. For example, if I paste an EQ setting on a clilp, with a low filter on it (or any other eq). you will hear the sweep of the plugin moving to the pasted setting on playback. If you continue to play this spot, the sweep will be slightly different each time, I've tried this with most of my plugins and it seems to universally... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

File rename bug in 11.3.2 (possibly earlier)

When renaming clip and file name from within PT (double-click on the clip) the program will fail to rename it in the finder even tough it will show the correct name in PT as the file name.


-Create a clip and name it "test_file_one"
-Double click and rename the file and clip to "test_FILE_one".
-result: PT will tell you the associated file name now is "test_FILE_one" but when you look into the finder the file... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Clip List, sort by name ,not correct when empty space as divider

Create 3 whole file audio clips,

rename them to "Test A", "Test B" , "Test C" (the word "Test" followed by a space, followed by the letter A/B/C),

open clip list,

sort by name, ascending,

observe : clips listed with "Test C" prior to "Test A" and "Test B".


Does not happen with "Test_A/B/C" or "A" / "B" / "C". It's the empty space character.

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Pro Tools bugs

PTSW: 195808

It's been 1 year since this bug was tagged MAJOR PRIORITY and nothing's yet happened. What is going on AVID? If this bug was logged as a major priority and nothing happens in 1 year you have some major communication problems taking care of.

"Entered By : XXX
Entered on : 18/08/2014 16:57

The reference number is PTSW: 195808
Summary: Vari-Fi: Speed-Up is broken, Slow Down is OK
This is currently unresolved but logged... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Changing Buffer Size in on Windows 7 64bit with ProFire 610 CRASHES Pro Tools

If I open a previous project or create a new project. And start mixing. If I decide to stop play and increase or decrease my buffer. Pro Tools ( will crash.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (FRESH INSTALL)
CPU: FX-6100
INTERFACE: M-Audio ProFire 610
HARD DRIVES: 2x SandDisk SSD Model: SDSSDP-256G-G25

Troubleshooting I have tried:
I have done all Pro Tools suggested optimizations.... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Pro Tools Won't Respond To Alt or WIN Keys Sent From iPad Apps

I'm attempting to set up a Windows wi-fi macro controller using the Actions iPad app. Unfortunately Pro Tools won't recognize the Alt key coming from the iPad, and only recognizes the WIN key if I insert a wait state following the key press. With so many PT shortcuts containing Alt, this severely limits the macros I can implement. I've had similar problems using Pro Tools with other iPad apps (Custom Keypad) and with... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Mbox3 No Activity on Signal Meter

Hey Guys!!!

I recently sent my Mbox3 for repairs due to hardware failure. after waiting a month I got it back it worked for one day....Now whenever I arm an audio track for a Mic or Instrument it produces no activity signal on the meter and only picks up vibrations if you tap the mic, and even that sounds distant and distorted. If I import an audio track into protools12 it does generate a signal on the meter, and the... more »