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Pro Tools bugs

Fade LENGTH as an option in Preferences > Default Fade Settings

When selecting a full clip or group of clips (not just a single edit point), and pressing the "F" key with no modifiers, the current behavior in 12.6 is to create a fade in, crossfade, and fade out according to the settings in Preferences.

However the length of each fade and crossfade defaults to 10 ms.

I would like to be able to set a default for the lengths of these fades.

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Pro Tools bugs

Root Settings Folder bug in PT12

You can change the Root Settings Folder in Operation Preferences and when saving a preset from a plugin (like Avid Trim), it saves it in the correct folder. HOWEVER, it does NOT show up in the list of presets until you close the session and re-open it.


This bug is in Pro Tools 12.4 and quite possibly other versions. I seem to recall it's been broken for quite a while.