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Pro Tools bugs

Midi score editor super slow to open up when there is alot of midi tracks

I am opening up a new bug report, since the one that's listed here is listed as Fixed, but it's still happening on PT12.5.2!!!

please download attached file and open up session. attempt to double click on any midi region to load midi score view and observe that it takes anywhere from 30 sec to a min to open up score view.

occurs both on... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

MIDI Thru issues w/EZplayer Pro & Kontakt (12.3 & 12.4)

Experiencing MIDI Thru delay when using EZplayer Pro to audition MIDI drum files thru an instrument track with Kontakt & Steven Slate Drums 3.5.
Configured correctly, the MIDI drum patterns lag audibly while auditioning the EZplayer libary thru Kontakt.
Once I drag the pattern to the Kontakt instrument track, the patterns play fine.

When playing back MIDI drum patterns on an instrument track along w/audio, the instrument... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

not making a new clip properly with Midi Merge off

I have midi track, already have a midi clip. Midi merge is off. Loop playback and record is off (and so is destructive and quickpunch record). Also tried dynamic transport on and off.

When I record this midi track, it doesn't create a new midi clip, it is updating the existing clip. I have Midi merge off so I am confused what it's doing this.

I want it to create a whole new midi clip when I record in this mode.

also... more »