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Pro Tools bugs

Selection Memory Locations with Absolute Reference Remain Relative When Session Start Timecode Changes

When changing the session start time in the Session Setup window, Pro Tools seems to erringly override Selection memory locations that have Absolute time references and treats them as relative instead (a bug).

To reproduce:

1) Make a PT session with at least one track and one region
2) Create a Selection memory location with an Absolute time reference (not Bar | Beat). Note the timecode.
3) Open Session Setup window,... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Pro Tools 12.5.1 No Reaction At Session Opening Dialogue Recent Files

After PT 12.5.1 is loaded and the session opening dialogue appears there is no reaction when I double-click on the entries. NOR enter has any effect. I have to close the short cut dialogue windows and go back to 'File' and then opening 'Recent Files' to be able to open a recent session.

Do others experience the same on this item?