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Artist Series features

ARTIST Series - multiple units bank as ONE

I see this has been entered before but somehow it is still not addressed.
Regardless of how many Artist MC and Mixes are connected, banking always occurs 8 tracks at a time, instead of all at the same time.
I.E., I have 20 Channels and I would expect, when I bank, that it would bank channels
1 MC Control + 2 MC Mix=
Tracks 1 - 20
Tracks 21 - 40
Tracks 41 - 60,
and so on.

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Artist Series features

Artist MC Touchscreen buttons follow banking when beyond 32

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The 32 tracks touch buttons (squares) in the MC control screen in “TRACKS” tab does not follow banking when you exceed 32 tracks. So all the faders bank to the new tier (I.E. Tracks 33 to 40, while the touchscreen buttons still remain on the previous Track 1-32. That seems odd, based on how all other things follow banking selection. Should the touch screen tracks not follow banking?
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Artist Series features

Eucon Control Panel alternative banking feature

This has to do with banking behavior.
In the Eucon App preference tab regarding the feature {"auto bank to selected track"}, if checked, means, when you selecting a track in Pro Tools that is not showing in the current Artist MC sate, it causes a "bank move" so that the selected track becomes positioned to the first fader of the Artist MC controller and so all following tracks are now in fader positions on the mixer... more »
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Artist Series features

EuCon Settings interaction with Artist MC touch screen

In the EuCon Settings Softkeys tab: It would be great if that screen could be made active in functionality via a check box whereas selecting a button there was the same as selecting it on the Softkeys. You could leave the desired button pages open like a palette and click on it as you would the Artist touch screen to relegate a command. I.E., the surface keys could be showing a whole screen of commands, not just the 12... more »