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Pro Tools bugs

Force relink option

I currently have a session that won't relink many missing files even if I go directly to the folder that it's in and check that folder. I tried match by name only, unchecked format and duration, and it still won't see the file. I've run into this problem before on older versions of Pro Tools. I'm currently on 12.5. In these situations, I think it would be useful if you could select the file and have an option to "force... more »
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Pro Tools features

Re-link using relative folder references, not absolute

At the moment Pro Tools uses absolute file reference for relinking. By that I mean, if you have a project on a drive: 'WORK' then when you move it to a different system it will always look for that exact drive.

This means that every single time you move a project to an external drive and to a new system drive it, by default, loses all links and you have to spend time re-linking. Not conducive to a fast workflow.

Solution... more »