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Pro Tools features

Separate Key Commands for Pre-Roll and Post-Roll

I usually have Post-Roll switched on all the time, and it's set to 200+ bars (when working in Bars & Beats mode, which, for music production is my preferred mode). That way, I can select a clip and play from its beginning, but usually I don't want Pro Tools to stop at the end of it.
I like to have separate key commands to switch the two modes on and off individually. Application: when recording, I like to use a 2 Bar... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Shortcuts only work with US English keyboard input language

Pro Tools is the only software I have where the language input type disables many of the programs shortcuts on Windows.

Even though my input was set to "US English (international)" I had to change to "US English" in order for all shortcuts to work.

(My OS language is Dutch)

I think this could be fixed, as no other software I have used encountered this problem.