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Pro Tools | Control features

Custom plug-in Mapping on Any Controller

Let us Custom plug-in map any parameter to "Any" Midi Controller (not just Avid apporaved ones) using the 'Right-click' button on our mouse?

New Assignments would always overwrite Old Assignments

Just right-click and just select controller of your choice, then may be 'save' my choice as MIDI Preset in some kind of drop down menu on the plugin, where you can bring up the settings again to overwrite the current settings... more »
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Pro Tools features

Audio Statistics based on selection (peak amplitude, average RMS, possible clipped samples, DC offset, etc.)

Please update Pro Tools 11 and 12 to include a feature that can provide audio statistics based on a selection. It should include things like peak amplitude, average RMS, possible clipped samples, DC offset, etc..
This is a small feature request that I hope is relatively simple to implement. It is a feature that doesn't seem important, until you really need it.

Many of Avid's competitors already have such a feature.... more »