Pro Tools bugs

Import session data brings in tracks with either no clips at all or with different timecode from parent session.

Upon import into a new session, often the track will have no clips whatsoever on it (though the audio files are pulled into the new session). This used to happen only when the sessions had different timecode start times (which is itself an unforgivable bug, but w/e, you have a monopoly.), but recently it is happening even when all settings on both sessions are identical. In addition, sometimes the clips WILL appear, ...more »

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ProTools12.7 AAX bugs with 3rd party plugins.

PTHD12.7 some 3rd party plugins have severe incompatibility with AAX, PSPAudioware PSP42, E27 Waves Keys HD Samples, Codex softube Modular, etc.. Not load balanced = does Not matter if you have 32-cores need 1-super fast core & the fastest core today is Not fast enough, 8700K & 7700K. Some plugins need over >200cb points single core. some AAX64 ...more »

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Pro Tools features

In ProTools a preference setting for a house standard for bouncing audio

Most engineers bounce audio at there "house" standard like 24bit 48Khz etc. I would like a preference set in the preferences section that would always set the bounce profile to my house standard. If I create a session and then bounce out the audio I would like it to conform to the perimeters that I set in my Preference/bounce setting. I could always override the setting but it would be nice if the bounce settings didn't ...more »

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Pro Tools bugs

Resetting panning on grouped mono tracks results in crash

When working in surround I work with mono tracks, grouped together in sets of 5.1 (ie 6 mono tracks). Tracks are grouped as Mix/Edit and Main panning is linked within the group. When I option click the panning grid to reset the panning to default on one of tracks, Pro Tools crashes. This is repeatable and has occurred across multiple versions. If I suspend the group before reseting the panning, then no crash occurs. ...more »

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Pro Tools bugs

AAE -9173 error when using big plug in chains on the masterbus / "extra large audio playback buffer size"

Its a known problem that big plug in chains on the PT masterbus are making the CPU meter nervous and produces AAE-9173 errors, also when the CPU is less than 50%. The AAE can not handle those plug in chains in real time. this do not depent on the CPU power. I have the following idea: Please give us an option in the audio buffer preferences for an "extra large audio playback buffer size" for handling big plug in chains ...more »

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Pro Tools | Dock features

Push Soft Knob to toggle parameter (= SEL Button)

Using Soft Knob to control plug-ins on Pro Tools I Control is great, but, switching parameters by pressing the SEL iPad button is a pain, because it's neither precise nor direct.


It would be great if pressing a Soft Knob would simply switch between parameters.


Futhermore the current behavior (parameter reset) can be achieve by Alt-touching the knob.

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