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Pro Tools features

Intrument/midi track Notes view scroll

It irks me that the coolest basic midi editing window, where you can edit and align midi notes to an adjacent audio track right on the main timeline, has the dumbest, most frustrating vertical scroll tool. When notes are out of view above and below their scale, the only way to scroll up or down to access them is to get over to the track's keyboard at the extreme left and navigate all the way to it's top and try to get... more »

Pro Tools features

Unlimited Projects

The cloud collaboration feature for Projects should include an option to store and collaborate on unlimited Projects using a single account.


Limiting an account to 5 or 10 projects makes the feature hard to use for users who sometimes juggle 20 Projects at a time.


Working as a Project when the need arises and as a Session by default isn't sustainable when managing high volume work flows.

Pro Tools features

New Core Audio Drivers

Avid has without a doubt the industry standard WORST core audio drivers. Please improve upon this poor excuse of a driver to support OS X features like Quick Look, Web browsers, QUICKTIME and all the other normal everyday things a computer user in 2014 does. There are $100 interfaces with better Core Audio drivers than my HD Native rig. SMH


Pro Tools features

avidFRIENDS - Session Sharing

:Working on the same session with someone at the same time: This would allow Pro tools the option to have 1. Screen Sharing Session - To allow pro tools users to send request and except session sharing simultaneously working on the same project & create a pro tools friend Login for easy friend online access.Real time session sharing with the option of both users to session save to there hard drive 2. Video sharing... more »


Pro Tools features

PT10 + CPTK -> PTHD upgrade

Having invested in CPTK I or II, we don't agree in paying again just to maintain features. The so far described new features of PT11 don't justify a higher upgrade price for CPTK users, since there are not more features implemented exclusively for CPTK and HD users. We suggest a reasonable upgrade price from PT10 + CPTK II to PTHD11 and more competitive upgrade pricing for future upgrades. Students with the 4 year upgrade... more »