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Pro Tools features

Can't Nudge Automation Breakpoints Anymore Implemented

Been using Protools since it was SoundTools, now on HD10.3.2, seems like a new feature has been added which now means i cant nudge automation breakpoints with + and - on a fade/ramp without new breakpoints being added at both ends of the selected area, this means i cant change the length of a fade or the shape of a fade by nudging, this has completely ruined my workflow. The only way around it is to keep deleting these... more »
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Pro Tools features

Track-import with overlay without wiping automation Implemented

When importing tracks using match-tracks and overlay to tracks that have clips living afetr the clips you import PT will zero the automation of the entire rest of the session.

Please give us an option to protect the automation or an option to import the clips and automation to the current selection only.

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Pro Tools features

Xform - Multithread Implemented

For the love of god... please make Xform multithread. It's so slow when pitching entire reels of audio that I have to walk away for a day or leave it overnight. It sounds great - but It's dreadful. 5.1? Hahaha - good god I could probably transfer it to a tape and manually slow it down faster than this would take!! :(

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Pro Tools features

Include Disk Caching in ALL PT Versions Implemented

Why keep limiting features that aren't hardware dependent? Why cripple us on purpose? It's not cool guys. I sold my HD system because of stuff like this and I'm holding out on my PT 9 upgrade because it's just flat out disrespectful that Avid would continue these type of practices after all the change talk last year.

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Pro Tools features

Track height Implemented

Make an option so that all of the tracks can be resized to the same size at the same time, because I have had an issue where I add a track then make it larger to see the plug-ins, then I click "-" to make it smaller and all tracks go smaller but the larger track remains larger... (Struggling to make my point... It's more about the way it looks than an issue!)

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Pro Tools features

Bus finder and/or I/O color coding Implemented

It would be nice to click on a bus and have Pro Tools highlight all tracks that are sending to that bus. Or allow the input and output section to be color coded, maybe also the sends.


Sometimes you get a session from someone else with a hundred tracks and it takes a while to figure out what all is going to which bus. If we had a quick way to identify the output assignments, that would make things easier.

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Pro Tools features

Disabling MIDI on Disabled INSTRUMENTS Tracks Implemented

Often I have wondered, would'nt it be a logical feature, when disabling an Instrument track that the MIDI is also muted.
It happens from time to time, especially when using Reason, when I Re-activate an Instrument track and play it back, that suddenly i hear notes playing from a Reason device even though there's no notes/regions on my track.

I turn to find out that somewhere else in my session there is another track... more »
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Pro Tools features

Include Fades when Exporting Audio Files Implemented

I want to be able to export the fades on a file without having to consolidate it first. Can't the fades be consolidated to the file on export?

To be more specific, I'm referring to exporting individual files that have fades on them and having those fades consolidated into one audio file on export. The end result should be an exported audio file that has the fades from PTs baked into it as one file.

I understand... more »
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Pro Tools features

Grid display in Pro Tools 9.0.2 - change behavior Implemented

Hi all
In Pro Tools 9.0.2, when in SLIP, SHUFFLE or SPOT mode, the grid is displayed in a different way than in the previous Pro Tools versions (since 8.0, if I remember well).
Before 9.0.2 the grid always displayed the same value (the one chosen) in all editing mode, whatever was the zoom setting. Now the grid displayed is proportional to the zoom setting in all editing mode except GRID, where the display is fixed.... more »