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Pro Tools features

Place Big Red Button "Automation Follows Edit" at the toolbar

I think we need a button "Automation Follows (Not Follows) Edit" at the Edit window toolbar. It should turn glowing red when automation is NOT following (I'd prefer it flashing as well). It's time consuming digging into menus every time I need Automation to NOT follow edit, and I don't know about you, but I always forget about it and have to undo several edits when I realise that automation is screwed up. Please.

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Pro Tools features

ProFire light bridge AND AES/EBU input support for PT LE

I very often find myself in a situation where i would like to get more DIGITAL signals into PT LE. Support for the M-Audio ProFire Light Bridge would be a great and affordable solution. Only M-Powered is supported at this moment.

Next to the light bridge i think an alternative device with AES/EBU digital input support would be even better. Only PT HD allows you to input AES/EBU digital signals. This should also be possible... more »
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Pro Tools features

Clear Solo Button with Flashing indicator

Often on Large mix sessions you will solo a VCA, then scroll down to see that all is correctly soloed, but find that you then have to scroll back to the top to turn off the solo (particularly if the tracks are not assigned to the correct Group that the VCA controls) it would be great to see that Pro Tools is in Solo Mode (like the rude Solo light on the Mackie Mixersand a "Clear Solo" Button that makes it easy to clear... more »
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Pro Tools features

limit tool functions to the ones I use

This post has been moved to "Add ability to lock out some tools"

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Have you ever selected the pencil and started to draw a line, only to discover a triangle wave appears?

Like most users, I use my keyboard shortcut keys to select tools - i.e. the pencil, trimmer, grabber, etc. Several of these tools have long drop down menus of functions... more »
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Pro Tools features


Suggest the new product line should be called

"HD Native"

featuring: ADC, one new hardware item add on to the 002/003 line w/ up to 96Khz 8-12 PRO apogee/HD grade channel converters/preamp addon, built in transparent compressor on each channel and a hot 64 bit engine that uses a;; RAM in w7.

Bottom line, use all the hardware that is available by TODAY's (and the futures) computing standards = i7 Core. Same... more »
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Pro Tools features

easier entry of session timecode start

Film and TV composers have to enter new session time code starts on previously recording sessions no less than 20 times a day because we often re-use the same thematic material in several different locations of a film or TV episode.

ProTools hits us with this pop-up message on every digit entry, i.e. - hours:(popup)minutes:(popup)seconds:(popup)frames:(popup) when entering a new time code start (see pop-up message below),... more »
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Pro Tools features

More supported languages

It would really appreciated for many users if PT could be translated in more languages. I think in particular about french wich is my main language, but I'm pretty sur that spanish, german... users will love it. We do represent a huge community of ProTools users and although I defend myself in english, sometimes...