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Pro Tools features


I'm new to Pro Tools and I am currently building an orchestral template. I would like to group my tracks together such as pianos as one group or strings as another but the template could end up being very large so hence it would be nice to collapse these groups with a single action or button or shortcut but still have a single track of them. One track that has multiple tracks in it and subtracks in those. That way i could... more »

Pro Tools features

Allow track type to be changed for empty tracks

Enable the channel width of an empty track to be changed (mono to stereo, etc.), and any empty track able to be changed to any other type (MIDI, Instrument, Aux, etc.). It should be doable in such a way that plugins don't change where possible. E.g., an Audio track with a set of plugins but no audio on it should be able to be turned into an Aux track with the same plugins and settings.

Pro Tools features

adopt "abandon changes" from Cloud Collaboration into Pro Tools

it would be great to have "Abandon Changes" in Pro Tools without Cloud Collaboration.
This is great if you have done some changes on a track (plugin settings pan vol auto etc) and you want to get back to where you started from without the need to "Revert to Saved..." - and this works on a track basis, not only the whole session, So you can make changes on track one, then track 2,3,4,... and then you can abandon changes... more »

Pro Tools features

Import tracks in inactive state

Please let us force imported track to come in as inactive tracks. In large film sessions when you add another 300 tracks to re-balance the reels it takes forever for HDX to do the DSP "optimisation" process. Would have to be able to import as inactive to avoid closing, reopening the source session deactivating there and then save and reopen the target session again and then import. Slows down a big mix a lot.


Pro Tools features

Direct DigiLink to DigiLink connections

32 channels from one system to another using just one cable. Would help to reduce system latencies. Seems logical now that DigiLink is an independent cost, that it should be undergoing independent development. This would seem to be the easiest extension of the protocol.


And if this were to be implemented, then maybe down the line we could get a multiport DigiLink switch...

Pro Tools features

Multiple playlists for Markers

In different parts of production a project there is a need for different sets of markers. It would be nice to create different marker playlists much like there are for tracks. So if i make editing markers I can make a new blank marker lane for my mixing markers, but if I need to go back and reference my editing markers I can re-select the editing playlist and those markers will then become the current markers.


Pro Tools features

Sample Rate display in header

When using an external clock, if you open a session that's at a different sample rate than the clock is currently set at you get an error message. If you don't remember what rate the session was at (or don't know) you must open the Session Setup (command-2) to find out what it is. There's lots of room in that header - sure would be a great piece of info. to have up there (after all these years!!)

Pro Tools features

Customised naming of MIDI CC

With today's great use of software instruments that uses different MIDI CC to widely different things it would be very helpful if we could customise the name of the different CC.

For example, CC11 that is named Expression is often used for Dynamics. And CC1 that is named Mod Wheel is often used for Dynamics or Vibrato. But the usage is differs from instrument to instrument and even often customisable in the instruments.... more »

Pro Tools features

Naming of MIDI patches (program change) for software instruments

Today Pro Tools uses OS X .midnam files for naming patches for external MIDI devices. However, today there's more common to use software instruments than external MIDI devices so we need a way to handle patch names for software instruments.

There is a workaround to use these files for software instruments, but then you have to create fake devices and connect them to a real midi device. And then you must choose both the... more »