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Pro Tools features

Song Title track field

I often do several songs in one session. Especially bands that come in to do 5 or 6 songs in one tracking session. So there's KICK, SNARE, HAT, BASS etc. So I will, at the start of a take of each new song, create a marker with the song title, I.E. JohnnyBGoode. I enter the name in the marker field, select Ctrl A for ALL to highlight all the text, CTRL C to copy the selected text, hit the numeric pad "enter" to create... more »


Pro Tools features

Plugin-Search: great idea but limited to 20 results and exact phrases

Thanx Avid for the very useful plugin-search, new in 2018.7.

For later releases I would like to see better search-algorithms implemented:

+ show ALL RESULTS that match search-criteria. (e.g. by scrolling if listing gets too long)

+ find TAGS. If we always knew the exact term we wouldn't need "search".

Pro Tools features

make independent record enabling for Audio vs MIDI/Instrument a switchable preference!

I saw they fixed this "bug" - 'Record enabling for MIDI/Instrument tracks are once again independent from record enabling on Audio tracks. (PT-239401)' but personally I'm sad about that! As a music creator, I go back and forth between recording guitar and VIs constantly. With latch record off, I expect that the last track I record enabled is the only one record enabled. It's unintuitive for me to have the behavior be... more »


Pro Tools features

Match Tracks on only selected tracks in Import Session Data Window

I can’t believe I haven’t asked for this before. A lot of the time I just want to import tracks from one session into another. The track James tend to match because I work with templates. Most of the time I want to just select a bunch of tracks and hit Match Tracks only on those tracks. I can’t seem to do this.


Pro Tools features

Import Session Data "Match Tracks"- option to match based on waveforms instead of track names

It is my understanding that the match tracks function currently only looks at track names (correct me if I'm wrong). There are times when tracks get renamed in a newer version of the session, but the waveforms stay the same. The match tracks function no longer works in cases like this. This is very common, especially when creating a BWAV ADM from a .atmos file. When you create a PT session from a BWAV ADM, it gives... more »

Pro Tools features

Allow "Delete Unused" playlists feature to be specific to the selected track

Currently, the "Delete Unused" playlists feature shows you a list of every unused playlist for every track. When there are many tracks with multiple playlists, it is often time-consuming to manually distinguish and select between the unused playlists for the current track and others. It would be helpful if there was a way to filter the list to show only the unused playlists for the currently-selected track(s). An alternative... more »

Pro Tools features

Add Pitch Shift to Clip-Based Effects

As a sound designer and editor clip-based EQ has gotten so much use from me. Please add a basic pitch shift functions to the clip-based interface, it would save so much time for sound design. I know elastic properties can do something similar, but that requires having elastic audio enabled on the track and I'd prefer to see the pitch shift in semi-tones. You could just use Pitch II and have a single slider in the... more »

Pro Tools features

SSL Duality Delta Full-Console Emulation

I just started working with a SSL Duality Delta console for mixing, and I would love to see all its parameters (signal flow, processors, and harmonic characteristics) emulated as a togglable option in PT. The channels would include the original PT insert points, with the entire Duality channel strip available below it, as well as faders, sends, and pan pots. The master would have the Buss Compressor as the first insert... more »


Pro Tools features

XFORM - multithreading

Guys - it's 2018 - XForming tracks in a post environment should be utilizing multi-core CPUS... all available. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here waiting over 25 minutes for XFORM to complete a pitch shift on a 1 x 5.1 stem and 5 stereo folds that are 5 minutes long and it's not even halfway complete. Protools HDX is using 146% CPU. So a core and a half during this audio suit process. System CPU usage is sitting at TWO... more »