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Pro Tools bugs

Sound Card Cuts from entire computer

It happens in a few other situations but repeatedly if I jump to new section during playback the sound card will cut out and no sound will come out of the speakers until I close to session. Unfortunately if I save the file after this, it will reoccur when I open the session back up. So I have to use a session backup and continue on. This probably has happened in older version but not recently in the 12 version. Please... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Clip gain level jumps down when adjusting while zoomed in (E-key)

It is still impossible to make small incremental adjustments to the clip gain while in fullscreen and zoom mode (shortcut "E") without the level jumping down by 30 - 40 dB.


This happens because the mouse pointer is at the bottom of the screen, and as such, the only workaround is to make the edit window smaller. Let's hope for a fix by the end of 2018!

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Pro Tools bugs

GUI Lag with PT 12.8.3 on Supported System

Trashcan Mac Pro (2013) 6-Core, AMD FirePro D500 Graphics, OS X Sierra 10.12.6


Same GUI lag that was present in 12.8.2 - seems to come and go at times - most noticeable when zoomed in a few levels on the edit view. Sometimes helps to close and re-open session/application, other times does not. No background activities consuming system resources aside from PT. Lag unnoticeable when zoomed out enough levels.

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Pro Tools bugs

Audio playback switches to USB when device plugged in - overriding thunderbolt device

I have a Universal Audio Apollo thunderbolt interface which never gets unplugged - but when I have a usb device plugged in and powered on (such as an Axe FX or Line 6 POD) Pro Tools will switch the audio playback device on its own during launch. I have to shut off the USB devices before launching Pro Tools to prevent this - it would be nice if the audio playback device would stay configured to thunderbolt (or whatever... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Playback glitch while editing in stereo playlist view.

During playback, editing a clip on a stereo track while in playlist view causes a system-wide playback glitch the first time an edit is made, and then a playhead jump on the second edit. Mono playlist editing doesn’t cause the glitch, but stereo and LCR do. PT 12.8.1 doesn't exhibit this behavior, 12.8.3 does.


macOS 10.13.2

Pro Tools 12.8.3

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Pro Tools bugs

Pro Tools ignores "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" on Windows 10 and seizes exclusive control

So here's my issue:

I open a browser to search for sound effects (I use soundsnap and audioblocks),
I can play a sound through my main audio interface (Focusrite Saffire Pro 56) just fine.

If I launch ProTools, even through I have "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" UNCHECKED ProTools still stops the computer's ability to play back audio through the browser.

I've isolated the issue and... more »