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Pro Tools bugs

Mono mult output bug in PT 12.8

I have a mono track for 2-pop and tones that uses multiple output assignments to put tones and 2-pop directly on the re-record tracks. But for some reason, I can't mult to more than (10) outputs!. This is serious. That track usually goes to 40-50 outputs. Anyone else seeing this?

My other multiple output assignments seem to be behaving, but maybe that's because they're all assigned to fewer than (10) outputs.

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Pro Tools bugs

Mini Grand plays only the attack of each note (macOS Sierra)

1. On a Mac running Sierra create a new admin user, and install Pro Tools and the AIR Instrument bundle (with Mini Grand) [a fresh com.airmusictech.Mini Grand.plist created under Sierra is required)
2. Launch PT and create an instrument track, instantiate Mini Grand, record/draw in some notes
3. Save session, quit PT and restart the computer
4. Launch PT, open the session, play it back
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Pro Tools bugs

Plug-in Automation triggers Track Upload every time on Cursor Position change or when Playback is started

This can´t be normal! when PT reads plugin automation during playback it changes the "upload changes" arrow into green (e.g. something has changed). But it was only an automation read, not an auto-write.
It does not happen with track automation (vol, pan etc) only if you auto-enable a parameter of a plugin. Tried it with Air VIs Air plugins and Avid EQ7.

This is not the correct behaviour isn´t is? Makes no sense!

Pro Tools bugs

MIDI quantization timing error in 12.6.1

This is an intermittent bug that is very difficult to pin down. When it happens, as perfectly illustrated by the attached screenshots, a quarter note that starts exactly on the downbeat of a bar, displays DIFFERENTLY between the edit window and the midi edit window.

The result of this is that clips cut to the bar in the session edit window in grid mode, copy incorrectly.

Pro Tools bugs

AAE error 9480 and waveform not displayed with "Repeat to fill Selection"

1) Put a clip on a track, make an edit with a crossfade (or an overlapping clip).

2) Copy some audio into the clipboard.

3) Make a selection over the clip downstream from the edit, and shorter than the amount that you have in the clipboard.

4) Paste special repeat to fill selection (opt-cmd-v).

5) Boom! Graphical error, AAE error 9480, playback does not include the edit, waveforms are blank.

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