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Pro Tools bugs

MIDI bug with real time properties delay / advance

Was "MIDI transpose bug"

In ProTools, a negative delay setting in the realtime properties of a MIDI track causes the first note of a region to be shifted outside the region border, and therefore ignored by all edit commands (transpose, quantize, length, etc.)

In other words, realtime delay settings only effect notes, NOT THE REGIONS THAT CONTAIN THOSE NOTES! This is a huge bug.

For example, if I select A REGION graphically... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Select Unused ⌘⇧U Clear Selected ⌘⇧B should remove ALL unused

This function just doesn't work.
You perform it, then you're immediatley able to perform it again which should be impossible.
And again and again.
Then it seems like you've got rid of all unused.
But then you save then restart your session and you can do it again. And again.
Then you save then restart your session and you can do it again.

And normally by then you have actually cleared all unused.

Pro Tools bugs

PT10 pencil-tool bug

When using the pencil tool on an audio clip the clip-gain is destructively rendered multiple time. This makes drawing out clicks impossible. The only work-around is to manually set clip gain to 0dB, pencil, and set the clip-gain to where it used to be.
Should be a high priority fix. Going back to 9 for dialog-editing.

Pro Tools bugs

Clip Gain Breaks Nudge Functionality

In Pro Tools 10, the use of Clip Gain disables the ability to nudge using any value not in the nudge menu.

To reproduce this bug:

1. Manually enter a custom nudge value that isn't one of the values in the menu (say, 22ms).

2. Nudge some stuff (clips, selections, cursor -- anything), and notice that it works as expected.

3. Adjust the clip gain on any clip anywhere in the session.

4. Now nudge some more stuff (it... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Hitting write to selection writes automation to entire track

This report refers to this feature request:

When you have nothing selected and hit write to selection after tweaking things in preview mode PT will write the current settings to the entire track. Backward and forward in time essentially deleting everything on the entire track.

The feature is called "write to selection". If nothing is selected... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Overviews in WAV files are always recalculated when reopening sessions

Quite frequently, when I open a session that I literally had created an hour or 2 before, on the very same rig with the very same hard drives, PT 10 starts to calculate all the overviews all over again. This also changes the date modified of all those WAV files, which causes my sync software to recopy tons of audio that is already backed up.

The worse problem is of course that it slows down the whole rig while it's... more »

Pro Tools bugs

PT 10.3.x switches to the background after launch on Mac 10.8.x.

Launch Pro Tools 10.3.x on Mountain Lion.
Expected Result: Pro Tools/Quick Start dialog should be active.
Actual Result: PT is in the background which requires manually switching to PT to then open or create a session.

Reproduced with Pro Tools 10.3-10.3.7 on Mac OS X 10.8-10.8.4.
This doesn't occur on Lion (or earlier) OS.

Pro Tools bugs

Sustain Pedal (cc64) does not register properly while Recording when MIDI Merge is enabled

When you have "MIDI Merge" on and record, sustain events are not correctly played back (while recording, MIDI Thru creates wrong sustain on/off)... Playback after recording let you hear, what you intended to record...

When you just play along, without recording, everything's fine...

When you disable MIDI Merge, all works well...
And it doesn't matter, if you play VI or real external MIDI Equipment via MIDI ...

It seems... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Bouncing using the MP3 Surround Encoding produces distortion


In bouncing a session to MP3, if "Enable MP3 Surround Encoding" is enabled, audible distortion is produced in the bounced file. The distortion, however, is NOT audible DURING the bounce. It is not due to clipping, and manifests as clicks/pops that occur roughly every half-second across the bounced file when listened to.

I discovered this issue after bouncing a session of several... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Timing problems with audio recorded in PT 11.0/11.0.1 (non-HD)

Steps to Repro:
1) Create a session with 2 Audio Tracks
2) Put an audio clip on Track 1 (1 sample clicks are best)
3) Connect Output to Input (interface or built-in)
4) Route Playback Track to Output 1
5) Route Record Track to Input 1
6) Do a record pass with the Record Track above the Playback track
[Note that the new audio is in time]
7) Do a record pass with the Record Track below the Playback track
[Note that the... more »

Pro Tools bugs

Mod Delay III doesn't follow tempo chages in Bounce To Disk

I'm mixing a 2h15m Live-Concert in Pro Tools 11, which works really great, but ran into a problem when doing the offline-bounce:
The Delay Time of the Mod Delay III, which is set to Sync and therefore should change according to the respective Song-Tempo doesn't do that in the offline-bounce. It just keeps one setting which makes the bounce useless.
The only workaround is to open a Mod Delay Plugin for each song and tempo... more »