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Pro Tools bugs

Alternate Playlist Auditioning Status Not Saved

The following bug is found in Pro Tools M-Powered 8.0.4cs2:

1. Take any track with playlists.
2. Listen to the main playlist.
3. Listen to alternate playlist by enabling the solo button for the alternate playlist.
4. Save the session.
5. Close the session.
6. Open the session.
7. The solo button for the alternate playlist is still enabled, but the main playlist is playing.
8. Toggle the solo button for the alternate... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Fix the trim volume to include region fades.

When you are in volume view of a track and you have the trim tool selected, trimming the volume of a region without first double clicking the region will result in only the unfaded part of the region's volume being trimmed, which is stupid. Never in nearly twenty years of mixing in ProTools have I wanted to adjust the overall volume of a region but not have the fade in and out affected.

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Pro Tools bugs

Automation and fades lost during Object grabbing

When object-grabbing a massive amount of edits to move them to a new set of tracks (for example, an entire reel of sound effects edits), volume automation and fades are lost/damaged in that random fades disappear, and random sections of automation are stair-stepped at unity gain. It occurs even when Shift-selecting over the selection multiple times to ensure everything is grabbed. The problem exists on Mac and PC, on... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Send Automation not imported to correct time

This might seem esoteric, but it's a huge oversight for post work:
When I import tracks from a session that does NOT start at hour 1 (let's say from Reel 2/hour 2) into a session that DOES start at hour 1... The new tracks are placed at the correct spot in the timeline, with all associated mix automation data EXCEPT the send automation! Any send automation is separated from the regions and placed out of sync at the beginning... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Create individual files handles Stereo incorrectly

When selecting multiple stereo tracks, and using an AudioSuite plugin set to "create individual files", each Stereo-pair (e.g. the L and R channel of one stereo track) are not processed together as one. This causes any crucial time-based processes, such as flanging, phasing, etc to be offset between the L and R channels, whereas under "Create continuous file" both channels would be processed in phase coherence.

I have... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Import Chord Map Bug

When using import session data, the chord map will always be imported from the source session regardless of whether you have that checkbox enabled or not.


This bug has been present since the introduction of the chord map in 8.0 and is still present in 9.0.5.


I'm getting very sick of having to restore chord maps from backups!

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Pro Tools bugs

Alt+Delete Unused Regions Not Working Properly...

Windows XP and 8.0.5 and a Digi 002 Rack, but I've read this bug is also happening with Windows 7 and 9.0.2:

Select Unused, then Clear and Alt + Delete should delete the files from the Region List without going through and asking if you're sure you want to delete the files. Unfortunately in 8.0.5 you are now still asked for confirmation of each and every file as if you weren't using the Alt key. And some of the unused... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Import 4.0-Files to Quad-Tracks automatically as L/R/Ls/Rs

4.0-Files dropped to QUAD(!)-Tracks should be automatically recognized as QUAD instead of L/C/R/S.


So far i need to manually rename every single file in order to enforce the change from (wrong) LCRS-interpretation back to (correct) L/R/Ls/Rs-Attribute.

This error slows down editing of Quadro-Multichannel-Atmos (from popular "Zoom-H2").



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Pro Tools bugs

Fades processed as audio on session import Implemented

When importing session data from a different protools session file (which is part of the same overall session folder), the imported tracks' fades are "rendered" as audio, not calculated from scratch . Not only is this incredibly slow to the point of not being practical and a sloppy way to handle session data, it also causes ProTools to become highly unstable when the amount of fades is huge (e.g. takes RAM hostage)... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Quicktime Import Sample Rate Conversion Error

I have some quicktime movies where the audio is 32khz. When ProTools imports a quicktime it is supposed to convert the sample rate to the rate of the session. When importing a quicktime which has 32khz audio to a 48khz session, the conversion is not done properly, as the audio drifts from the video (very obvious by the end of a 2 hour quicktime.