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Pro Tools bugs

Faster Audio Importing

Importing audio into Pro Tools is slow and makes you stop working till it finishes.


From the Finder it's slow and from the Workspace it's worse. Dragging it to the tracklist, all are slow and don't even talk about elastic audio.


It is waaay too slow for a 2011 workflow.

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Pro Tools bugs

Relink Offline broken in 8.0.5

If a session is opened and relinking is skipped when the session launches, Relink Offline does not do anything when selected from the Project Window after-the-fact. It worked in 8.0.4, but as of 8.0.5 it is broken (at least under Windows 7).

The only way to relink offline is to re-launch the entire session.

Furthermore, when a file is then re-linked, it still shows up in the session as an offline region (in the region... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Remove Useless Midi Error Message @ Startup

I use an Axiom, when ever it's not plugged in I get an annoying and totally useless message telling me it's not connected.

If for some reason there are people (Icon Users, etc) that need this reminder can you please add an option to not show that message again for people on mobile setups.

Once more, a feature that shows how much AVID neglects laptop users - not everyone that uses Pro Tools is on a desktop setup that... more »
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Pro Tools bugs

Import session data (only regions and media) update i/o setup!

Importing session data lead to a log i/o update that require, on my film mix big session, about 40 seconds of time. But I import ONLY regions and media! On existing tracks! Why?

I tried even changing the "session overwrite current i/o setup when opened" flag without changes.

It's a PITA to loose so much time even for a single track import...

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Pro Tools bugs

Workspace GUI BUG

Happens when you resize the workspace. The items number overlaps the elastic setting.


Seriously Avid?


Let's not mention how sensitive the workspace is and will crash PT constantly. To many producers workspace is one of the most important parts of pro tools yet it feels flimsy, unstable and separate. None of those make me feel good about my DAW.


The outdated GUI saga continues.

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Pro Tools bugs

Fast panning leads to chopped audio

When doing fast linear pans (around 7-8 frames) left/right or across the LCR front PT will chop up the audio unless you add dummy breakpoints along the linear automation curve. See this thread for details:
This is unnecessary extra work because actually 2 break-points are enough for a linear pan.

HereĀ“s a page that give a graphical illustration of the problem: more »
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Pro Tools bugs

TRIM leds off when auto suspend

When I mix, I suspend automation to find the correct level, eq, reverb... then I write the current status using command option slash.

But D-Control (I imagine even other controls) doesn't show the TRIM status of channels and doesn't permit to change volume and sends.

Please light on the TRIM leds even when automation is suspended.

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Pro Tools bugs

Text in Track Comments is not displayed while editing

This is what it looks like when I type a comment in the mix window in PT 8.1.1. See attached file.

I can't see what I'm typing until I hit return.

Strangely, the FIRST comment works, but every comment after the first has this white on white hieroglyphic behavior while typing, making it impossible for me to use.

This behavior has existed for me in ProTools as far back as I can remember.Please tell me I'm not the only... more »