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Please implement Pro Tools Expert's suggestions - starting with ‘Fix all known bugs BEFORE adding any new features’

Please implement Pro Tools Expert's 2015 list (excluding - thank you! - Track Freeze).
I’d be delighted if you started at Number 14:
‘Fix all known bugs BEFORE adding any new features’

How Many Of The Top 25 Pro Tools IdeaScale Ideas Appear In Pro Tools 12?
Pro Tools Expert – Update on 2015-01-26 11:20 by Mike Thornton
http://www.pro-tools-expert.com/home-page/2015/1/23/how-many-of-the-top-25-pro-tools-ideascale-ideas-appear-in-p.html... more »
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Eliminate the physical Activation Cards for Plan Renewals

I just renewal the annual upgrade plan, and I was a bit shocked about the way it works.
Avid, please save the money for preparing the cards, for shipping the cards to my reseller. Than we can safe the money to ship the card from my reseller to my home, and than we can reduce the plastic rubbish.
And all this because I have to use the card ONCE !
In a digital world like this now, there are a lot other ways to send... more »
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Avid midi (eucon?) keyboard controller

Please Avid,

All midi keyboards seem to break with the midi structure in Protools.. Automap, Hypercontrol... they all do not work proper (anymore) with Protools 12.6.


I think it's time to create, or choose a good midi controller maker to release a Protools dedicated midi controller / keyboard! A lot of folks compose in Protools and they need keys and rotary knobs to play the Virtual Instruments!

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Application Manager causing ghost image pop-ups and cpu spikes

After installing 12.6, getting annoying flash ghost-image pop-ups and cpu spikes on all computer monitors (3). I started trying to narrow it down to other things installed. In Task Manager (Cntrl/Alt/Delete), I was able to see what was happening on the performance tab. Highlighting the Avid Application Manager, clicking on the "End task" button, ended the problem. Also noticed today that the Application manager is... more »
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Fan Noise on HDX cards

I have my PCIe cards in a top cover removed Magma EB7 with the fans unplugged- out in the open in my studio which is temperature controlled.

I have a UAD-2octo, various SSD's on Sonnet cards, RME-MADI card and HDX-2. All the cards are barely lukewarm warm to the touch even under heavy load.

Are the HDX card fans temperature sensitive? They spin up to full the moment protools launches.

Is there's a temperature... more »
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Installing updated plugins behaviour / streamlining

So, currently, if there's a bulk of updates available,.. after downloading them (even if automatic) - the installation procedure is pesky..

You have to open each one, go through about 5-9 clicks of authorization, license, destination, etc etc and then wait for it to finish. If you try to install another one at the same time, it fails and you have to wait till the current installation is complete before running... more »
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Pro Tools Dock- Enable Flip Faders

This is a real killer... If nothing else, PLEASE enable the ability to Flip the fader to control Sends... I can live without the rest, but this was a basic (& GREAT) function on the Cmd*8, and is present, to my understanding, on the S3.


For those of us not owning (and not interested in owning) an S3, this one pice of functionality would really help.

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Pro Tools Dock Automation workflow change.

The automation mode selected from the "fixed" automation mode buttons (to the right of the fader) should change the Auto Mode of the ATTENTIONED track without having to press the "Select" button. This is MUCH more intuitive & saves an extra button click.

Additionally, for auto modes, this should be a simple "click", and not a "click & hold". There's very little chance that an errant click is going to "accidentally" change... more »