License the ICON network Control format

So that you get a revenue stream from: Yamaha SSL Euphonix Smart AV HUI Roland etc. etc Perhaps us editors might then get a control surface that is more sophisticated than the Command 8 but smaller than any of the Icons. Also suited to key combo button quickkeys on a touch screen with the ability to patch into an Icon on the Dub stage to do editing changes to the music (for us music editors) without the need to offload... more »



RAM audio caching

With the advent of 64-bit OSs, and assuming there would be a 64-bit build available, PT could potentially be able to create a RAM map of the computer, and hold in RAM audio files. This would help when the discs are being overloaded due to high amounts of edited audio being streamed. If some of the clips used were held in RAM, PT would be able to play higher amounts of tracks without stressing the drives as much. There... more »



Pace iLOK redesign.

I know this is really for PACE, but I figured since Pro Tools uses this I would still suggest it. I believe the iLOK needs an updated look. Redesigning the iLok won't prove any performance gain or software features, but making the appearance of the iLOK updated with new gear. This will not be replaced with the original iLOK, but sold alongside with it as an option. Besides the appearance of the unit, a good feature... more »



CHANGE DEVELOPMENT PHILOSOPHY, become more music / creativity oriented

Start being a music company that uses software and hardware as a vehicle for creativity. Stop coding like a software company who just happens to do music. The developers appear completely disconnected from the actual workflows the software is being used for. This mindset is apparent from the way everything flows. Bugs aside, the software could be so much more creativity oriented while still leaving advanced features for... more »



MBox Micro "PRO" with 24bit/96khz sound and with RGA and SPDIF output !!!

People who wants to work with high quality sound (and not recording !!) with a mobile (or not) daw have two solutions : mbox 2 pro and 033 family. - Mbow 2 pro (very big, epensive, 90% of the price for the recording harware) - 003 (very very big, very expensive, 95% of the price for the recordinng hardware) => Digidesign ( the world leader ) has no high quality interface for sound design only !!! A mbox micro with... more »



192kHz Grand Piano TDM (not RTAS) Plugin from AIR

192kHz Grand Piano TDM (not RTAS) Plugin from AIR There are many on the market but they all use RTAS / AU / VST which is limiting for alot of Pro Tools users. Sample to 100 layers + , to get the most precise touch. e.g. Boesendorfer with Optical sensors, Steinweg (way), Yamaha, Petrof etc... Also include in this list a STRIKE, ORCHESTRA, SYNTH, BASS, GUITAR, CHOIR with words - but this time with 100% clear articulation... more »



Import Session DATA option

When importing session DATA from a different session. (Let's say, for example, importing a Voice Over into a documentary from a separate VO session...) It is very handy to utilize the 'offset' feature on some occasions. I would like to propose that marker information be linked to the offset as well as the media being imported. The markers are rendered useless in this instance the way the import session data feature is... more »



ProTools Books

How about selling the ProTools course books e.g. 110, 201, 210, 310? They are a great reference source and would generate revenue for Digidesign. If we wanted to "upgrade" and sit the exam(s), we could pay an additional fee.



Avid needs to separate hardware and software purchases

If I have any version of the MBox and a full, updated copy of PTLE, why do I have to purchase another full copy of PTLE to gain access to a second MBox form factor? There should be a lower priced hardware-only purchase option that is separate from the software license. This will increase purchases of your lower-end interfaces such as the MBox Micro which are meant to be a method of taking PTLE portable on the same machine... more »