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Eleven Rack features

Eleven Rack AND Mbox together in PT11 ("stacking")

Many users of an Eleven Rack have additional AVID hardware like an Mbox / Mbox pro - but it is not possible to use both devices on the same PT 11, means - it is not possible to add / sum the available I/O channels of both devices - even if clocked / clock synced together.

PT only shows ONE device - depending from which device choosed as playback hardware.

In Pro Tools we can just configure/activate/use ONE of both as... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Improved button functionality

For consideration for an 11R ver 2.0:


1. The scroll wheel should be a wheel/button integrated into one. Rotate: allows navigation (as now), Press: works as an ENTER button.


2. Stepped control knobs. I often find it really hard to dial in an exact value with these control knobs. If they were stepped it would make selection much easier.

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Eleven Rack features

Expression Pedal: Multiple FX Detailed Controls

The Multiple FX configuration current allows you to control multiple effects with an expression pedal. This does not allow the detailed dialling in of information however. For example: Delay ms for delay. This does not let you enter a specific ms value for the heel and toe rendering this option useless for me as I would like to be able to use the expression pedal to go from a dotted to triplet at a certain tempo for example.... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Good to GREAT

To take the 11r from a good device to an all round great studio and live tool, I see these as the major necessary additions.
1. Global EQ (parametric) for monitoring solutions.
2. 2 way MIDI communication to allow full use of control devices.
3. Additional FX Blocks (2 or more)
4. Additional FX - envelope filter, pitch shift/harmoniser/whammy
5. Dual path configuration
6. Delay/Reverb spill over
7. Seamless patch... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Parallel Processing and Parameter control

I used to use a Native Guitar Rig (till it got destroyed in a flood) so I replaced it with 11R, Now I love my Rack, but there are two things that are missing in my opinion.
1. The ability to run amps and effects in "parallel" as well as serial combinations (I will defer on elaborating on the possibilities this opens up).
2. The ability to use special effects (LFO, Envelope Follower ETC.) to control perimeters on other... more »