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Eleven Rack features

Beg Avid to release 11R firmware update - L6 HD500 is coming...

Yes, it is happening...Line 6 is releasing the HD series of POD. Likely next month as there are already ads floating around in magazines.

It's been claimed by Rich from L6 (he's an extremely reliable source that puts alot into the community) that the HD series POD is 'the next step' for realistic modelling. Aparently, not just compared to their previous L6 products, but in comparison to the whole modelling industry.... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Standalone Core Audio Drivers

Give us Mac owners an installer that

1. Installs a Core Audio driver for the Eleven Rack.
2. Doesn't install the PACE anti-piracy tool. (Really... why is this necessary for a *driver*?)
3. Doesn't install other applications or preference panes that have no applicability to the Eleven Rack.
4. Actually works on Snow Leopard.
5. Gives us the option - in the existing Sound preference pane - to select input and output channels... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Would you pay for amp/fx packs?

Now this may be controversial but...

If it drove development of the Eleven Rack (which has been very slow), would you pay (a la Line 6) for model/Fx packs?

I believe there is a firmware update being worked on at present but if we got a decent release cycle happening (like the AxeFx), would you pay?

I've bought L6 model packs previously so I guess for $50 or $100, I would be happy to buy a new set of amps/fx;... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Modern hi gain amp and cab

A hi gainer and dedicated cab for this genre that is voiced specifically for chug - slightly scooped, a beefy bottom end with just enough cut to not get buried in a mix. Something bigger and nastier than the amps already present that will handle extremely heavy modern metal.

The biggest complaint directed at the 11R is the lack of really tight, high gain amps. I think we need a few and a suitable cab (or two) that... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Parametric EQ - As Separate Block or As Global

Generally these have 4 bands: Low, Low Mid, Upper Mid, High. A 3 band would work very well with the 11R's 6 knobs - having a freq select and level for each of the 3 bands.


Typically parametrics have selectable shelving vs band on the Low and High frequencies too.


Not sure if people would prefer a Global graphic over a Global Parametric, so I added this separately.