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Eleven Rack standalone editor issues of compatibility (64 or 32 bits)

I wish that the 11 rack standalone editor is working on the 32bit, as i have windows 7 32bit which is full of studio programs and data, windows conversion is not easy task and a risk for data and software's installed.


As am an IT expert who is specialized in computer software programming since 15 years and i do it for living...

I was wondering why we have this main concern (Software compatibility on 64bit or... more »

Opertaing System(s) Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Eleven Rack features

LFO / Parameter Modification

I'm a recent convert from NI Guitar Rig. The amps in the 11R steamroller the GR5 amps, and the GR5 VST sorely lacks a Unvibe. But there are a few features I really miss that could be easily addressed in an update:

1. Global, assignable LFOs, step/analog sequencers, and input-based envelope generators. With this last one, we could make our own Autowah. The 11R is top notch for classic sounds, but less so for sculpting... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.9

Eleven Rack features

New Eleven Rack Features

There are a few features asked for the community users. We are glad to have the Eleven Rack Stand Alone Editor now but there are many others features required for (us) the community.


I acquired 11R in 2009 (6 years ago) and the only real improvement has been the Standalone Editor. Please do not forgot us.

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.7, OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, Windows 7, Windows 8

Eleven Rack features

Hesdphone output source

I'd like to be able to set the source for the headphone out. Currently, if the front panel volume does NOT control the mains, the headphones lack any front panel volume knob.


Setting the phones to Amp 1 or 2 would allow me to send a fixed volume to the board via XLR, and control both headphones and Amp volume from the front panel knob without changing menu settings.

Eleven Rack features

A clean/breaking tube sim. preamp module as a FX

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A quality clean/breaking tube simulated preamp, maybe with an EQ, as a FX, would give all the clean amps a needed push to stand up with the dirty amps. It would take the big gab away in volume difirence. I think we're missing an intermediary and it can in that problem allso be dificult to make smooth breaking jazz rock/blues clean sounds.

Eleven Rack features

Combining Regions looses 11r Preset Name

When recording say a guitar solo, i like to combine multiple licks into a take. But when combing those regions into one region, the next time i try to load the rig settings from that region the 11r looses the preset name and calls it the regions name instead. This stops me from knowing which preset i originally used. Yes i could name the preset in the notes before recording, but it would be nice to be able to load rig... more »

Eleven Rack features

Allow the FX Loop Send to be muted

The Amp Out signals can be muted individually, but the FX loop is still in the signal chain. Regardless if turning down the send control, the FX loop sends a live signal out. Bug?

Allow the send control to fully mute the signal when turning down the control.

Why is this important? If a user is set up using the FX loop in the '4-wire' setup and using the other Amp Out signal for a separate destination and guitar... more »

Eleven Rack features

External midi clock to Eleven Rack

Now that the Eleven Rack editor is available we need to be able to set the tempo to external midi clock in the Eleven rack editor app. The way it works now is before you open your DAW (Ableton for me) you unplug the USB to the Eleven Rack, then in the rig tempo set to MIDI, then plug the USB back in, open the DAW and your good to go, but now with the Eleven rack editor, if you do that, you just get a error box that the... more »

Eleven Rack features

Wah On/Off on Dual Footswitches.

Add Wah On/off on Dual Footswitches options. With some MIDI footcontrollers, you have the option to connect your Exp. Pedal to the MIDI pedalboard and assign a CC# (i.e. Wah Position CC#4). There is an easy mod for some expression pedals: install a toe switch. If the Eleven Rack were able to assign one of the Dual Footswitches to Wah on/off, you could engage the wah block as a normal wah pedal with your foot over the... more »