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Eleven Rack features

Hq drums individually midi editor

midi editor
annoying in comparison to vst
Lot of reasons that people want vst implementation The midi editor and the tools box's for quantising vs no grid edit for drums ""pencil quantise functionality is a bore"" .
In the contexts of drum virtual tracks you can,t go loading 5 instances of the same virtual instrument over tracks and right at the same time keeping ""the groove once crashing just because you wanted... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Wah Pedal Volume Control

I find that when I engage either Wah pedal model, the volume drops significantly. This is really frustrating since it is normally used for solos and I want my volume to increase, not decrease when soloing! With my analog set up, I use a Dunlop 535Q Wah pedal because it has a gain control that can be set to increase or decrease the output. I simply want a "Volume" control on the existing Wah setup page to be able to set... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Access midi addresses to be able to set up my ART X-15 or other

I need to change the address on the 11Rack so I can use my expression pedals to controll what I want them to i.e.: volume and wah wah or other things like distortion drive and other fx parameters like I can on my SGX2000 express, this should be very easily done with a firmware update to allow that access.

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Eleven Rack features

Add a Harmonizer (Pitch Shifter)

One area where the 11R is sorely lacking is with Pitch based FX. To address that I suggest an Intelligent Harmoniser (and pitch detuner) that is capable of producing 3 voices of harmony. The user at minimum should be able to set the Parent major key as well as the harmonic minor and of course the intervals.

The Harmoniser I envision, would operate much like the Boss GT-10, Boss PS-6, Eventide PitchFactor or even better... more »
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Eleven Rack features

Functionality: More Ouputs.

When and if you guys at Avid ever get around to making a sequel to Camp Orange, would you please, please, please include more outputs, so I can run an FRFR speaker AND studio monitors at the same time from the back interface.


As it stands I will have to run a 1/4' to XLR converter from the "Output to Amp" to power the FRFR speaker, in other words - NOT a happy little camper!