Eleven Rack features

improve ease of editing of rig settings in Eleven Rack

I do have a couple of suggestions for design improvements that would help the functionality of the Eleven Rack in regards to editing rig settings :

1. Enable the "save" button to do 2 things instead of one, so that if pressed once quickly (held down for less than 1 second), it will temporarily save the adjusted rig settings from an edit session so that one can compare the edited rig to some other rigs without losing... more »

Eleven Rack features

Features update

Note: this was meant to be in the Eleven Rack area...

A new feature similar to 'Rig Out Cab off' but have 'Rig Out Cab Off + FOH' so we can have cab modeling on the mains and it off on Output 1+2 simultaneously.

This way we don't need to manually setup patches everytime we want to run FOH and monitor at the same time. If this can be done, reverb needs to be included on the cab off option for Output 1+2.

- Parametic... more »

Eleven Rack features

FX Suggestion - Pitch/Detune/Doubling

On a number of threads in various forums, 11R users have commented about the need for pitch based effects. Personally, I would really like to see a detune effect (similar to what is on the TC Electronics G System) which will provide the doubled guitar sound common to 80's rock and metal. While there are obvious work arounds to achieve this when recording in PT, having this effect as an option would great when using the... more »

Eleven Rack features

New Amp Model: Dumble

Since the Dumble ODS may be "the" boutique amplifier, having one on the 11R makes sense. A good Dumble emulation would make dialing up Robben Ford and Larry Carlton type tones easier. I've played an actual Dumble on three different occasions, and the True-Z capabilities of the 11R may make it the only modeler capable of capturing the unique (to me at least) touch sensitivity of a Dumble. Of course, adding a new amp model... more »