Artist Series features

Enable Monitor / Control Room Knob Implemented

The Monitor / Control Room Knob in the Artist Control has no functionality whatsoever in Pro Tools at the moment. Please make this available or just assignable so it could control a Master Fader.

Opertaing System(s) macOS 10.12

Artist Series features

Foot switch custom function

Hi, i'm working in post, in dubbing mix i always use a SOLO PLF in the original program mix to fast compare with my mix. Will be very useful if i can assign to the footswitch of the artist control the solo of a selected track, or more option like mute... or a plugin bypass...

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12, Windows 8, Windows 10, n/a

Artist Series features

Transport Online with Eucon - Feature Request - Mimic the two states

Transport online has two states in Pro-tools... when it's waiting (the transport online button is flashing) and when Protools is locked and chasing (transport online is actively chasing).


If I assign 'transport online" to a button on my MC Transport.. the light is always solid, regardless of the state.


This should mimic the button in protools... either fully off, flashing, or solid when chasing is active.

Opertaing System(s) n/a

Artist Series features

Swap Solo/On buttons of Artist Mix via EuControl preference

For all users of Artist Mix consoles - I know Euphonics came from broadcast market, where ON is commonly used instead of MUTE, but Pro Tools is rather post-production tool than broadcast. And we rather use MUTE than ON 😀
I thought it would be great if functions of Solo and On buttons can be swapped by preference setting of EuControl (because I suspect LED colors are not controllable in such small consoles).... more »

Opertaing System(s) n/a

Artist Series features

Fix EQ3 Plugin layout

The plugin layout for EQ3 is horrendous. Specifically having to switch between Q and frequency is ridiculous. I always need both of those controls at the same time. I would much rather have an extra page of parameters than have to switch to Q any time I need it. Custom plugin mapping would solve this problem as well but this seems pretty basic and is not a problem on any of the other avid control surfaces.

Opertaing System(s) macOS 10.12

Artist Series features

Fader ballistics for Logic Pro (Max +6dB)

My request is fairly simple.

I use 3 MC Mix and 1 MC Control with Logic Pro X.
Logic's maximum fader value is +6dB, and the console's max value is +12. The last 6dB of throw is therefore useless in Logic Pro.
I don't care if the number values on the surface match the ones in Logic, but I want to use the whole fader throw when I mix.

You can solve this one of two ways:
1) Change the fader resolution so that the whole... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11, macOS 10.12

Artist Series features

Acoustic feedback for EuCon controllable buttons

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For visual impaired users it would be extremely helpful to get acoustic feedback regarding the status of a EuCon-controllable button

(Artist Mix/Control etc.)


For example a single-beep sound for "on" and a 2-beep-sound for "off" or the

Shift-functionality of the same button.

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11

Artist Series features

Artist transport: allow swapping shift and workstation button

Since the artist transport seems to be intended as a right handed device, it would make much more sense to have the shift key where the workstation key is. That way you could easily press the shift key with your thumb in combination with any other key. Right now you have to go through some plastic surgery first before you can use the transport single-handed in a convenient way. For now I m using it left-handed which has... more »

Opertaing System(s) OS X 10.6, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8, OS X 10.9, OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, n/a

Artist Series features

MIDI Software or Hardware for Artist Series

It would be awesome if someone makes an AAX/RTAS/Stand Alone Plugin/Software compatible with Novation Automap, or Mackie C4 Pro...
For Artist Series...
A programmable bridge plugin/software Between Artist Mix/control and Midi ports.

Similar to Mackie C4 Pro, but for Avid Artis controllers.

The idea is to control external midi hardware, like Yamaha PLG150-An, that only accepts SysEx...
I was thinking about purchasing... more »

Opertaing System(s) Windows 7, Windows 8