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Pro Tools | Control features

EuCon Softkey Programming - Copy/Paste Button Attributes

When programming soft keys in EuControl, please add a copy/paste option that will copy/paste all button attributes, including commands, label, icon, color, etc. When recreating existing buttons on User Pages, it is very time consuming and tedious to try to recreate the look and feel of buttons that are pre-programmed on other pages.

For example, when recreating the Previous Playlist and Next Playlist buttons on a... more »
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Pro Tools | Control features

EQ Cycling - in Channel view Selected

When having multiple eq on a tracks, it is a pain to use the Pro Tools Control app (here on a Pro tools Dock) as we have to use the Insert page to access other Eq.

Not only the Insert view doesn't give a direct access to the Eq, but its mapping is different from the EQ page, and often inconsistent.


Please give us the ability to cycle between different EQ inserts from the EQ page.

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Pro Tools | Control features

Change the behavior of clip-grouping, to affect ONLY the selected clips...

I often like to group two or more clips that are on different tracks, so that they may be moved together and repeatedly, without me having to constantly "shift-click" those clips together again. The answer would seem to be right-clicking the relevant clips, and simply "grouping" them. However, my attempts to do so affect not only the desired clips, but other clips near them, as well. Please see the two screenshots, which... more »
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Pro Tools | Control features

Auto Pencil Tool in Zoom

Option to automatically switch from whatever selected tool to Pencil Tool when zoomed in at sample level view, and return to previously select tool when zoomed back out. For Example, When jumping in and out of clicks you can be in smart tool say then chiclet #3 to magnified wave view at chicklet#5, draw out click, then chicklet back out to #3 to previous view and get back to smart tool. = nicer work flow.

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Pro Tools | Control features

Configure transport bar

Please allow for the ability to manipulate the transport as the user needs to. For example, allow for the user to select the different Record modes WITHOUT additional keyboard shortcuts (as in the S6), allow for the "Back and Play" button (a real gem) and other useful transport soft keys. I know there is already a soft key shortcut for these though it's not ideal.

There should be a new option, called "Control Transport"... more »
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Pro Tools | Control features

Support the Native Kontrol Standard (NKS)

It would be great if Pro Tools joined the other major DAWs in supporting the Native Kontrol Standard.
This would add the fast browsing in instrument libraries and include the pre-mapped parameters on the controller by any 3rd party instrument plugin provider.

As a bonus I would recommend to allow the knobs and faders on the controller to control the mix and any Avid or 3rd party mixing plugin (EQs, compressors, reverbs... more »
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Pro Tools | Control features

Next Avid controller

The next avid controller should feature hybrid analog/ digital technology. An analog console with eucon and HDX and other card options allowing use of low latency dsp and analog summing with other card option included. A dedicated computer option as a bundle would also be nice. (I had a Mackie D8B) Scalability from small to large desk with options for built-in conversion or interfaces. A system that can be affordable... more »