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Pro Tools | Control features

Volume Decibel “Type to Edit”

Allow user to click on Volume Decibel to manually type the exact number they want rather than having to use volume fader. The volume faders never seem to land exactly on a desired number no matter how small the fader move is. By allowing a manual edit there is no compromise, the user gets to type in the exact number Decibel they want. Panning also could use this revision of Type to edit.


Pro Tools | Control features

Allow PROTOOLS IOS CONTROL app to support channel sends for up to 16 individual or personal mixes

Allow PROTOOLS CONTROL APP to provide personal mixes. For example: Create a send on each channel and allow up to 16 users /individual mixes from that send. Kind of like PRESONUS QMix does. This would be an INCREDIBLE feature for recording. All the studio would have to do is use hardware outs to feed the headphone amps and give each musician their own mix...

Pro Tools | Control features

Pro Tools Utility for automatically reconstructing (importing) corrupted tracks into new session, and organizing folder

With enough frequency the only solution to a session acting "funny" is to import the tracks into a new session.

A Pro Tools Utility for automatically reconstructing (importing) corrupted tracks into new session, and organizing folder, would be a nice tool to have.


Pro Tools | Control features

EQ III window scaling.

One of the plugins I use the most is EQ III.

When I have populated all of the 7 bands, the tiny little window can be quite cluttered and difficult to read.

I would suggest that we should be able to re-scale the window, so we can get much more detail and control over the curve.

Then even people like me who likes to EQ with a microscope, get to be happy. 😺


Posted in the wrong category. Great!


Pro Tools | Control features

Freely assign multiple automation parameters to an X/Y similar to surround panner

Using the iPad interface we should be able to quickly and freely assign multiple automation parameters to an X/Y interface similar to the surround panner. I can see this working in the current context on a single track only. Assigning parameters from multiple tracks would require Pro Tools adding a new track type, "control track" that records only automation via this X/Y interface. I realize assigning parameters would... more »

Pro Tools | Control features

Soft keys that use a "Key" command fail when Pro Tools not in focus.

When Pro Tools is not in focus, soft keys that use a "EUCON" commands work fine but soft keys that use a "key" command send that keystroke to the in focus application.

So in a real world example as I am spotting to picture using the dock transport command with a spreadsheet ans the in focus application works great, however any softkey that uses a "key" command sends those keys to the spreadsheet application.

My feature... more »

Pro Tools | Control features

Remotely control preamp gain on Pro Tools Control

A very great feature would be to have the possibility to set the Avid PRE preamp gain directly from the Pro Tools Control.
When you are using Avid Pre you can set up the gain directly in the mixer window. It's work with other products like Millenia, RME, etc...
It's very helpful for musician who are recording alone like drummer by instance. You don't need to go back in front of your mixer window to change the gain value... more »

Pro Tools | Control features

Need chords in charts! Score Editor!

I just spent two very long and tedious hours of my life inserting chords on the chords line of my session in PT 12. How stupid that I could not just copy and paste the repeating chords from one verse to the next, etc. Also, I could not copy and paste a single chord, or write it in manually. I had to click on the chords insert arrow, turn to my second screen because I could not move the dialog box to the screen directly... more »