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Pro Tools | Control features

Playback Speed

Podcast creators/producers need to be able to listen back to spoken word audio at high speed! My greatest disappointment with choosing ProTools has been that it's not possible to just click some sort of a FF button, as you can on every other system I've used, to play back your audio at 1.5x or 2x faster speed. Especially now in a world where everybody and their cousin is creating a podcast, you really ought to have... more »


Pro Tools | Control features

Preference to Remember Soft Key Page When Switching Apps

I'd like to see a preference added to Pro Tools|Control to remember which soft key page was last active when switching between applications. When not locked to Pro Tools the app currently displays the first page of soft keys when switching between host computer applications. For instance, I use multiple pages of Pro Tools soft keys and have VE Pro running in the background (with its own page of soft keys). I'd like... more »

Pro Tools | Control features

Custom plug-in Mapping on Any Controller

Let us Custom plug-in map any parameter to "Any" Midi Controller (not just Avid apporaved ones) using the 'Right-click' button on our mouse? New Assignments would always overwrite Old Assignments Just right-click and just select controller of your choice, then may be 'save' my choice as MIDI Preset in some kind of drop down menu on the plugin, where you can bring up the settings again to overwrite the current settings... more »


Pro Tools | Control features

Display EQ/Gain Reduction Curves

Allow the EQ or Gain Reduction curves to be displayed when an EQ or Compressor plugin (with such curve support) is selected. I recall seeing EQ curves in pre-release media for the Pro Tools | Dock and it is a feature in S6 as well. If this is considered too 'fancy' a feature for the 'free' Pro Tools | Control app, perhaps it could be made active in the software only if the app is being used simultaneously with the hardware... more »


Pro Tools | Control features

add search box to the command section of the soft keys tab in EuControl

EDIT: sorry, apparently this has just been posted by someone else:

Please report this idea as a duplicate, since I cannot do that myself.


would be a great timesaver, especially since not all protools commands are available in this section.